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NRC Tail Tidy: the how to infuriate customers instantly!

Greetings everyone,

I am a veteran rider and mechanic, and boy-o-boy am I tired of US aftermarket companies offering these kits and parts with total lack of any care.

Gave my $210 to NRC for my V4 tail tidy kit, and the FU is loud and clear to customers: we do not give a sh*t about you for giving us your money. Jokes on you fools! Have fun trying to figure out our broken puzzle!

Zero instructions online or in the pkg ($210 clams and cannot print a few pages but can spend hours fab'g some brackets and lights? Really? Is this how bad we've gotten in the US aftermarket biz mentality?), zero on their own site, zero on You Tube. Truly middle finger -- when this is supposed to be blissful mod joy-time!!

There is truly no way to express the almost intentional slap in the face as a bag of brackets and parts, wires that have nothing to do with whats there, charge a premium for it, then just send it all off as if it is even close to done.

I am returning this kit to the dealer not only to send a clear message, but to ensure that raw unbridled business stupidity does not receive a single dollar from this proud American, and I will gladly give it to another competitor - foreign even if done right! - who cares to do things w quality and earn the money the right way.

NRC, you need to grow up, place yourselves in customers shoes, and for christ sake buy a f'ing printer! Jes-H!

My 2-cents.


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A friend of mine also received his tail tidy
minus directions. He's a mechanic so was able to figure the box of parts luckily.
I wonder if 1299 directions would be helpful...
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Old May 17th 2018, 05:23 AM   #3
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I have instructions sent to me by email. If anyone needs it PM me your email and ill gladly forward it to you.
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Check this thread: My Tail Tidy Recomendation !!
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Wait for the evotech one if its not already out yet - great quality, fit and finish and I think you'll find the instructions up to spec. I don't have a V4 but Ive had three on my other bikes ( you'd have thought I'd have learnt to remove them before sale but no... )
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Old May 17th 2018, 07:09 AM   #6
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tail tidy lol all you need is an integrated tail light. comp werks simple done. slap the plate under the fairing
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Old May 17th 2018, 07:17 AM   #7
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I was able to figure it out without instructions after looking at it for a while. I emailed NRC this week to get instructions and they replied with instructions the same day. I just wanted to verify I installed it correctly.
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Old May 17th 2018, 07:19 AM   #8
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bought Evotech tail tidy, halfway install, 2 pcs of the indicator bracket was missing, email them and waited for 5 days till i got the bracket and after finished putting it together, one side of the screw can't get in, as the one side of the hole was half cm too narrow to screw it in, need to widen the hole on the tail tidy in the end, guess the 1st batch always got problem. would i buy again from evotech in the future? most probably, shit happens, we gotta move on, don't let small set back in life ruined your day mate. bet you didn't email them asking for install instruction. in the mean time, middle finger for CRC as they didn't take their part for provide the instruction or available for download on their website.

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NRC Tail Tidy: the how to infuriate customers instantly!

i know how hard this forum can be posting picrtures but ill give it a shot
here was how my bike was comp werks with integrated tail light. then in picture 2 i bent that bracket so it sits flush. cant get better than that. in the tri picture that little square thing you can barely see is my plate
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I just posted a video in this thread for those who are looking for the instructions. Even the instructions they send can be a little bit confusing. NRC Tail Tidy Kit Install Video
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