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I did a similar thing.

I ordered the Speciale V4 as soon as it was released, I just wanted to have a Ducati V4 after decades on their twins.

I also have a well sorted 1199 and the bike is perfect, so the plan was to keep both.

After 2 weeks ownership on the V4 I have now sold the 1199, as I just won't ride it anymore. The V4 is a nice advancement on the Panigale twin, in every aspect, and is better than I was expecting.

So I am now full on into the V4 Panigale experience.

Although I do have a couple of other nice Ducati twins.

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Originally Posted by 990Glen View Post
I'm sure it is greater than the sum of its parts, and the reviews seem very favourable.
I also think it will probably suit more riders in the long run and it has certainly pulled
a lot of interest from guys previously loyal to the JIL4 market.

For me the V2 configuration is a large part of my pleasure. I've had over 30 new bikes
and more than half of them have been big V twins from Ducati, KTM and Honda.
In contrast I have only owned 5 IL4 as I dont enjoy high revving motors.

The pani R took a fair bit of getting used to in comparison to my 1098R due to
the depletion of mid range and higher rev ceiling. I have no interest going further
in that direction, even if the V4R gets rid of the puppy fat and is a bit of a looker.

Hope you enjoy the new V4 fella.
Having said about the handling, something else sprung to mind while riding mine again today. I found myself feathering the throttle on corners. If I applied to much too soon the bike would want to run a wider line. Of course that's physics, but the V4 felt very different in that respect. When getting on the throttle with the V4 it seemed to pull in tighter. Talking to someone they suggested that this is the counter rotating crank in action?

Oh, just one more thing (even though I am still making the move) I had a pre-determined test in my mind. The R at 70 mph in 3rd then nail the throttle compared to the V4. The R smashed it....
Thanks from 990Glen

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Congrats! I've been off the forum for a while, but knew you'd come around. Shame you can't also keep the R, but makes sense if you'll always be riding the V4.

Finally getting my V4S in a couple weeks or so. Been a long damn wait, but good timing as the rainy season is just drawing to a close here.
Thanks from Mutt1979
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Originally Posted by SixShock View Post
First time I've ever heard someone mention the Twin being easier to turn in. Not that the 959 was heavy, but it was definitely more effort to turn in and lean over than the V4 and was closer to an R6.

I think the op is spot on with the twin being easier to turn in. That is exactly what I observed when I rode the V4.
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Originally Posted by stealthblack View Post
It's a beast, and only when ridden hard and aggressively may you appreciate what it has to offer. I haven't stopped smiling

I completely agree! But I think this is the issue with the 1x99, not everyone can ride it hard like that all the time. Itís a street bike too and Iím betting 5% percent or less of owners bikes are track only.

TBH, it took about a year of riding and tweaking for me to grow into liking the 1299S and now I like it as much as any other bike Iíve owned except one.

To each his own though. Read the reviews, test ride when you can and buy what best suits you.
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