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I've always wondered why people get up in arms over someone else's ride.
...my only concerns with the wings are that they look like they can hurt someone on the track. Having it slide over a leg or hand on a low side...yikes!! Diabolical!
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Originally Posted by endodoc View Post
Dude, I completely left out “tank bags” what conversation about a 200hp super bike is complete without discussing “tank bags”
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Now see, that’s a legitimate concern and a valid point in what would be a legitimate use of a bike with aerodynamic assistance assuming you are above the bikes level without the ears. A much more realistic scenario is damage to another vehicle while parking the thing at the coffee shop. Not bagging on anyone’s bike. Just having a little fun with psychology and keeping it real.
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Originally Posted by endodoc View Post
I can explain it fairly simply. On a street bike or even a dedicated track bike with anything less than a pro rider under 180 mph, completely fricking worthless. Another “look at me” gimmick. Next time you take your winged laden machine for a trip down the street stop and remember all the times you made fun of the idiot driving a silly import with a wing on it. Just say no to the winglet and avoid the head shaking and ridicule that you will no doubt endure for riding a bike that now looks like a chicken hawk. If your going to ride a bike with ears on it on the street you might as well douche it up all the way and do all the sponsor stickers by companies that you are not sponsored by and the number of your favorite racer whom you have no affiliation with. Don’t ride a Ducati on the street with winglets and if you’re going to do it on the track, make sure your skill sets are enough to offset the hecklers.
The R is designed for the track, the land of the wings. You dont need to be a master racer to use the winglets. Just be going very fast, which is the V4(R)'s favorite thing to do.

TLDR; hater's gonna hate

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Who is going to be the first person to remove the wings and reinstall them upside down for easier power wheelies?
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Burton, that was epic. Sad part is unless the design prevents it I’m wondering who the first dealer is going to be to install them upside down.
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Old Dec 12th 2018, 12:29 AM   #37
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Puig delivers aftermarket winglets (they call them "side spoiler"), so maybe we can fit them to the base and S model as well...
endo... don't kill me
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Old Dec 12th 2018, 03:07 AM   #38
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CNC Racing is going to sell the winglets too...

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I had WINGS for dinner last night, they are working there way out really fast this morning... Damn wings!!

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As Much as Some people claim to hate them (right now), your going to see aftermarket carbon wings on plenty of V4, V4s' and other manufacturers bikes in 2019. Just Watch
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