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panigalespacers Dec 11th 2018 03:36 PM

Let's talk about Throttle Slop!
Anyone who has done his/her research on throttle slop (comes with the ride by wire throttles) isn't necessary, and certainly doesn't enhance rider safety! So for those of you who have purchased a Ducati Throttle Spacer Kit (https://ducatispacers.com/collection...el-multistrada), what are your thoughts on riding after removing throttle slop w/ the kit? This is known to be one of the best bang-for-your-buck mods on the market yet! And for those who haven't purchased, what is stopping you? We want to hear from everyone.

gabriel1198 Dec 11th 2018 04:33 PM

I purchased the kit for my track bike & it def made a difference when on & off the throttle & agree with the best bang for your buck.

endodoc Dec 11th 2018 05:09 PM

Great product. Original set is going strong 3 years later. Don’t forget to thank Ducati for designing a TBW that needed fixing.

realnuts Dec 11th 2018 11:31 PM

my dealer advices not to install them and keep a little play on the throttle. Should be better for the long-term-life of your throttle, so he claims...
spacers only interesting when going on track

jj996 Dec 11th 2018 11:44 PM

Fitted them on my 1199R and now on my V4S, this is the very first mod I do, far too much slop without this :D

dflowerz Dec 12th 2018 09:40 AM

Fitted the spacers on my V4s. No more slop. Nice!

MaverickiB Dec 12th 2018 12:27 PM

I had the spacers on my base V4 for about 2k miles before I had issues with the bike starting. Would turn on fine, starter sounded fine, voltage was good, but it just wouldn't start. Took it in to Ducati and the techs said it was sometimes firing up with the throttle not in the fully zeroed out position due to the spacers, messing with the fueling. I'm not sure if at some point the spacers or my throttle tube became misshaped or something like that, as it seemed strange for it to happen so many miles in, but they were removed and I never had the problem again.

However, panigalespacers refunded me without any question and were very helpful, so it can't hurt to try them out. Sounds like my bike was more the exception than the rule. That being said, I got used to the slop and don't even really notice it anymore, even during slow speed stuff. To each their own.

Darwin604 Dec 13th 2018 12:40 AM


Originally Posted by realnuts (Post 326074)
my dealer advices not to install them and keep a little play on the throttle. Should be better for the long-term-life of your throttle, so he claims...
spacers only interesting when going on track

Long term life of the throttle? Haha what? Sounds like he's blowing smoke up your ass.

That said, I've purchased a kit but haven't installed them yet on my V4. Had great results on my 899 though. Can attest that it's a solid product. I find it idiotic that Ducati didn't build something in to make this adjustable. Maybe they'll listen for the next iteration.

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Mutt1979 Dec 13th 2018 01:53 AM

This thread was started by Ducati spacers......... they're just shamelessly plugging their own product here..

That said, I've used these for years and love them. Literally 5 minute install. Everyone has their own personal preference. Me, when I provide the machine with an input I expect a response back. Having the delay is off-putting, sure I can get my head to re-think around the delay, but it's not for me.

However, I first installed these on the V-twin where it helped massively. Now with the V4 I installed these straight away but found with the smoother and more benign throttle they were a big help once again.

AndreiD Dec 17th 2018 04:16 AM

IMHO it all boils down on how much track you do vs street riding, and also how smooth the roads are.

If you do mostly track riding, having no delay in the throttle is a big win and to my little track experience makes things more manageable, especially on high revs where the bike is more like on/off when the throttle passes the slop point and begins to "bite", so there's less jerking from that.

That being said, if you do more street riding than track riding, and especially the roads are anywhere less than perfect, the slop can help with the minimal jerking from the potholes and the irregular road quality, especially when going off the throttle. If not for that slop, the bike would get immediately throttle input from that minimal jerking.

That's why in some sense bike manufacturers claim it to be a safety thing.

Dealer also advises agains the spacers, and before I got my bike, I hopped on a V4 S track bike he had around, and I was surprised the slop was not "fixed" on what clearly was a track only bike.

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