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Old Mar 10th 2019, 03:56 AM   #21
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I Ride: 2012 Panigale ABS
I unfortunately live in the Houston suburbs where I ride 50 miles to get to a handful of good curves. I have run nothing but SCs, same as what came OEM on the bike. I run 34psi front and rear. My bike has no chicken strips, but not enough curves!

I typically get 4,000 or so on the rears and much more on the fronts.
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Old Jun 2nd 2019, 10:43 AM   #22
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I Ride: 1299R Final Edition
I have 3300 miles on my 1299 and I noticed the fronts are slicks on the sides. Rears have more life. I ride 100 miles round trip to the mountain roads and 50 miles of aggressive curves. Getting more aggressive. Especially with throttle so expecting life to reduce
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Old Jun 3rd 2019, 07:45 PM   #23
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Just had to add, 4 hours at auto club speedway and my brand new tire was well past wear limit
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Old Jun 4th 2019, 03:35 AM   #24
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I Ride: 2015 Panigale R and 2018 1299rFE
Originally Posted by ADEYSWORLD View Post
It all depends on your right wrist. If you're at 800 and don't see any wear, that means you're not abusing them. So they should last you over 2000 miles.

If I visit the canyons 3 weekends out of the month, I need a new set.

If price is an issue then look at the Rosso Corsa II or Dunlop Q4.
Still have the R?
I followed you on your videos when you first got the bike
Great footage btw
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Old Jun 4th 2019, 03:44 AM   #25
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I Ride: 2015 Panigale R and 2018 1299rFE
I ran my 1199r on the street for 560 miles to break the engine in.
Then did 280 track miles - i am a slick on the right side of the tire.
It is a right turn bias track
Front has just a smidgen more left on it than the rear.
The front tire is about even on the wear which i find is odd.
I ran the front tire at 32-34 lbs.
The front tires is a single compound tire the rear is duel, wonder of that is why?
Total mileage on the tires is 838
Swapping to a new SP rear for 2 days at another right bias track then heading to a left bias track.
Hoping/praying i will get another 4 days out of that front tire
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Old Jun 4th 2019, 11:15 AM   #26
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I Ride: Panigale R
Originally Posted by 1299rFE View Post
Still have the R?
I followed you on your videos when you first got the bike
Great footage btw
Thanks for the follow!
Nah I have a '17 R1 now. Thinking about the new R, waiting to see if there are any issues with the first batch on the street.
Thanks from 1299rFE
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Old Jun 5th 2019, 08:27 AM   #27
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I Ride: 2018 V4S
Hey I was using the V2 and they only lasted 5000km ( Canada) great tire but I found it wore fast. This was only Street riding as well.
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Old Jun 6th 2019, 02:27 AM   #28
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I have now 4500 km and I'm convinced they will head up to 8000 km.
I use the bike predominantly for commuting 190 km/day.
I'm quite surprised about the performances in wet conditions. I was a little scared in the beginning and reluctant to keep them, but now, definitely, Iwill have the same tires when they are for the trash bin.
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Old Aug 26th 2019, 04:11 AM   #29
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Pirelli Supercorsas Tread Life 3k km and going....

I have 2019 Z900 ABS, have had the Supercorsa V3 for a bit more then 3k km and i took the liberty of actually measuring the tire depth at the begging and now. Have these km in around 1 month.

Had a 2.4 to 3 mm depth on the front and i have a 2 to 2.4 mm now.
Had a 4 to 4.8 mm depth on the rear and i have a 3 to 3.6 mm now.

The tires have had 120-140 km of track day and the rest is mostly be roads, mountain passes and highways. At most 100-150 km city.

Not a burnout or wheelie type of guy so i guess you get my point.
2.5 Bar at the Front
2.9 Bar at the Rear during the whole time.
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