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Old May 24th 2019, 10:17 AM   #11
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I Ride: 2018 V4S, 2012 1199
I say go for it as long as your dealer turn around time and customer service is good. My 1199 gave me ZERO problems for 6 lovely years of ownership. Never even had a start issue or anything. My V4s is probably one of the lemons. Besides all the recalls, my headlamps are fogged up and it makes about 15hp less than all the other V4s out there.
Thanks from DukeSilver
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Old May 24th 2019, 03:46 PM   #12
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I Ride: 16 bmw s1000rr,19 panigale V4s,06 gsxr750.
I own a V4s. so far the bike is smooth like a butter! Just sign the paper and get all the recalls done before the delivery and your good. I own a 16 Bmw s1000rr as well, we all know the bmw is hard to beat itís too perfect. But I find the Ducati more special when Iím riding it. Still own both I ride the Ducati more now.😎
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Old May 24th 2019, 03:51 PM   #13
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I Ride: 2017 Suzuki GSXR-1000 : 2019 Ducati V4R
I had an 1198SP that had 2 blown motors. Sold it and said I would never get another Ducati. I have a V4R now and love it. Just did my first track day and it performed great.

I do have 2 Ducati dealerships within 20 minutes of me, so that helps.
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Old May 24th 2019, 05:16 PM   #14
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Originally Posted by DCPanni View Post
I would not own a bike where the closest dealer was four hours away. Even if you have a truck to get it there or ride it, thatís too much time. I had a KTM RC8R and I was two hours from a dealer, and it needed warranty work. I got it done but I had to bug friends to follow me up take me home, and when it was ready take me back. Too much running around.
4 hours!?
Yeh that would be the deal breaker for me, otherwise i'd probably buy the bike i want if i was in OP's shoes.
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Old May 24th 2019, 11:50 PM   #15
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I want to sincerely thank everyone for taking the time out of their days to give me helpful, honest, advice and information.

I currently have a 2013 HP4 Competition (original owner), which I love and will keep. Even though I will have something else to ride if the V4 is in the shop it is a purchase I am not taking lightly. Unfortunately, this is not a disposable income purchase. I've basically been saving for 6 years and waiting for something that resonated with me and could keep long term. I've been to the dealership and spoke with the owner many times. I thought I had a high level of comfort about the purchase until I starting reading owner experiences. I tend to believe that you get what you pay for, but in this case it seems questionable.

Besides the recalls, are there any other things that that are recommended to be changed/swapped out before it leaves the dealership to avoid the problems people are reporting? I plan on swapping out the foot and hand controls, mirrors, wind screen, license plate holder, and full exhaust.

Again, I can't thank everyone enough for their time and help; they are both greatly appreciated.
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Old May 25th 2019, 03:18 AM   #16
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I Ride: Ducati Panigale V4S
Originally Posted by DukeSilver View Post
I am about to sign on the dotted line for a 2019 V4 S Corse, but after reading about the recalls, bulletins, and issues members have posted on this forum I'm having second thoughts. This will be my first Ducati.

I completely understand the growing pains associated with a relatively new model and I've tried to do as much research as possible. The main reason why I'm having second thoughts is the closest dealership with an excellent reputation is 4 hours from where I live and if I'm going run into a ton of issues it could be problematic. The distance to the dealership also explains why I haven't bought a Ducati sooner, but once I saw the V4 S Corse it was love at first sight!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
That's a long drive to have the first service light and Desmo light reset. I have to drive almost two hours to get my bike serviced. Thankfully my shop has a great group of guys, gals and good coffee. They even let me (demo) a Ducati while I wait We worked together to get almost all the recalls and TSBs completed while I waited. I rent a uhaul and drive the bike to them. I always remove the fairings to save the tech time. This is probably one of the reasons I won't get rid of her.
I've actually gone off the deap-end and have a Hypermotard in the garage.

I bitch about the street parts on this bike but for the track she's just flat out amazing. I purchased a spare wheelset and run WSBK Pirelli slicks the dynamic suspension is great for the street and track.
Thanks from DukeSilver
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Old May 25th 2019, 04:51 AM   #17
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I’m sort of in the same boat, I plan to move to way north Minnesota this summer from DC. The closest Ducati dealer will then be 5 hours away from me. I have a 2017 1200S and it runs great. 3k miles with no issues. But when I need the valves done and fork oil replaced it’s either but tools and learn or truck it to the Cities. Right now I have a dealer 10 miles from me and other maybe 30 miles away.
Thanks from DukeSilver
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Old May 26th 2019, 01:23 PM   #18
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I Ride: Panigale V4
My dealer is an hour away in city traffic where I donít like riding this bike and have had to unfortunately visit plenty of times.

As it stands my bike is in there and has been for over two weeks waiting for parts from Italy to fix the leaking water pump and random other oil leaks

Fortunately itís all under warranty at this stage but I am starting to worry about what happens when the warranty is up. I just hope all the problems are sorted by then!!!

I do have to say I love this bike when Iím on it though and it has not actually let me down.

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Old May 26th 2019, 08:37 PM   #19
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I Ride: 16R; 18 R1M
endodoc pretty much nailed it. An honest description of these bikes. As much as I love my Duc, the same issues keep plaguing them from generation to generation.
Some get lucky with what I call Tuesday-Thursday bikes.
Monday and Friday? My most sincere condolences.
Thanks from 990Glen, able duc and DukeSilver
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Old May 30th 2019, 08:29 AM   #20
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What an ironic thread. I'm in the same boat.

Had a '12 1199 S. It had every single problem. All of them. I fought that damn thing until the bloody end when I traded it in on a 2016 Tiger 800 XCA. Yeah, I went full nerd bike...

Now in 2019 I walk into the Ducati dealer and see the beautiful V4S staring me in the face. Daring me to deviate. The emotions kicked in this last week and I started working on a deal to trade my Tiger back in on a Pani. I get home from the dealer and then logic starts to set in. I've never loved and hated a bike as much as my 1199. I just don't know if I have the time and patience to deal with this "ownership" experience again. This would be my fourth Ducati and fifth Italian bike.

My local dealer is very competent and are about 3 hours round trip for me. Sadly they have a new GM and he is fond of telling me about all the dealer fees they add to these bikes now. I'm more tempted to contact a dealer like Ducati Omaha and work something out with them.

Or I stay the nerd bike route and go after the BMW R 1250 GS...
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