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Old Jul 8th 2019, 01:09 AM   #1
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Stuck on a new bike choice

New to the forums and been quite sometime since I've looked hard at Ducati's

I've been in the BMW S1000RR camp for the last 6 years. While I've never been treated poorly, I admit I'm getting a touch tired of inline 4's, but I do feel bmw makes a great daily SBK.

However I'm being pulled in by the allure of the 2019 RSV4 Factory and the Ducati V4S.

I recently had the chance to do short demo rides on both. Unfortunately I didn't get to push either bike real hard but got a feel of the character and handling.

2019 RSV4 Factory The Good
The Aprilia in my opinion has the best stock motor power I've felt on any bike to date. Now I wouldn't call myself a expert whose ridden everything there is but I'm very mechanical and observant. The V4 sound track on the rsv4 has to be one of my absolute favorites. The quick shifter worked well and downshift with autoblip as well. I'm glad most mfg's are going TFT now like the look of a digital dash. I felt fairly confident out of the gate on the rsv4 to lean and accelerate in the curves. The weight was there as it being known as the heaviest but truth be told it didn't bother me one bit. The position is a very small bit cramped for as I'm 6'0 but I think with a half inch lower pegs and a softer seat I would be golden. The suspension may be manual units but ohlins units that are tried and true. The brake calipers while same model as the duc felt better from the initial grab, but demo bike could have been broken in more than the other.

The Bad
The seat after a 30 minute test ride was causing me a bit of grief, but I know the factory tuono seat is a touch softer and a easy drop in. The dash while cruising on the lower speed streets would tend to vibrate. I did stall the bike once during low speeds which didn't happen at all on the duc , my guess is just need to get more oriented to the clutch throttle combo for slow / parking lot speeds. Wind coverage wasn't up to the level I'd like but I think a taller wind screen would fix that. Cancelling the turn signal button seemed a bit off but it could be me as I was attempting to take in entirely too much information in 30 minutes. The start and stop button rotated on me but controls could have needed a little tightening down.

Other thoughts: Really love the 1100 motor, the fact I can get a race ecu and keep warranty even with a tune is sublime. Having AF1 nearby is also a huge bonus. The chassis is a bit dated and a touch heavy however still felt great. I'm not sure how long of rides I could maintain on the bike but that would be me just adjusting to a new platform.

2019 Ducati V4S

The Good
The ducati felt nimble being such a low wet weight made it feel like tip was so easy and fast that made me hesitate on one of the first turns with it, the counter rotating crank I think also played into this. The TFT dash seemed to be touch better unit than the ape. The active suspension settings and ability to adjust easily is nice. I know the duc has mixed reviews on its quick shifter but during that ride it was ultra light and butter smooth , the ape worked flawlessly as well but the duc seemed a touch more refined. Though I'm curious if the aprilia race ecu clears up a few things. The overall look of the Ducati is quite nice a very good looking bike with the leds and head lamps. The exhaust is a touch more rough than the aprilia but still a nice unique sound. The riding position for me felt a touch better as you sat just a bit more into the bike vs on top. The power of the bike was good as most current SBK's are plenty for a mere lower skilled rider as my self.

The Bad
The full exhaust system would cost a kidney. The low speed vibrations in the mirrors were fairly bad. Cost wise its top of the list. The brakes were a bit touchy with the initial bite but could have been low miles vs high miles demo situation. The tank left something to be desired as a place for gripping with my legs for core support. I think the bike needs the comfort seat as well. In my approx 30 minute run I did catch whiffs of heat from the exhaust bends near my right leg, a sign that it might be quite hot after hard rides, which aftermarket exhaust could remedy but see ala cost of kidney again. There have been recalls on the v4's but all bikes go through new model pains and most issues are sorted. I did see some owners having oil leaks which is disheartening but not sure if fixed by the recalls.

Both bikes are beautiful units full of character coming from my long stint of inline 4 bmw jazz. I haven't ridden the new bmw but its suffering EPA tune related issues among other things but they are getting it sorted. I'm very tempted to join the v4 bandwagon as I've always loved the engine sound and character. Im a bit stuck at a impasse with with the v4's.

Also I did get price quotes on insurance as strange as it is the 2019 BMW is most expensive followed by the Aprilia. The Ducati was cheaper by 100$ per month than the other two with a clean record. Not sure who they had bribed for that but it is a real consideration.

I would appreciate any input or perspective, granted I know forums can be a bit biased but new input is always worthwhile


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I have a huge amount of respect for the Aprilia RSV4 and Tuono. Those V4's really do sound amazing, but I personally couldn't buy a brand new bike that looks like a 10 year old bike. Don't get me wrong, i still think the Aprilia is a nice looking bike, but it's definitely dated and needs some LED headlights.

All the reviewers say that all the new bikes are so good these days, that you should just buy which ever one you like the look of most. So that'd also be my advice.
Thanks from nealeo
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Old Jul 8th 2019, 01:36 AM   #3
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IMHO the 'new' BMW S1000RR is going to be more expensive to insure as there isn't a baseline yet. I'm referring to the 2020 model, not the outgoing model. I haven't ridden it yet, so I don't have any real-world data.

I have the 2018 V4S and it's a great bike, but it vibrates a lot and with the race exhaust it's fairly loud. Not HD loud, but close. I got a speeding ticket on the highway months ago and I didn't see or hear the motorcycle policeman behind me. I happened to look back and saw his lights. He only wrote the ticket for 14 over the limit. A minute earlier it would have been ~65 over the limit.

Haven't ridden an Aprilia yet, but some reviews have said that it favors a shorter rider.

I have a 2016 BMW S1000RR and I think it's the best all-around motorcycle I've ever owned. I also have a 2017 R1M and still like the BMW better. That's my opinion, but if I was to buy a liter-bike based on reviews, the R1(M) would have been my choice. One of the reasons I bought the R1M was to do my own review.

Ultimately you need to decide what bike you like, and ignore most of the input from others. A bike might be your friend's ultimate choice, but that doesn't mean it suits you.

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I just took the RSV4 1100 Factory to the track yesterday. Only my second track day ever. The first was with the speciale. They are very different bikes but both equally capable. I think the ducati is the more exciting bike to ride. It hits harder down low and the engine is just immense. It's a lighter package which is noticeable in the switchbacks and the mag wheels i have on the bike probably add to that.

That being said the RSV4 is an absolute weapon. It is so confidence inspiring mid corner and also pulls like a freight train from the entire rev range. My guess is i'd be quicker around most circuits on the rsv4. It's devastatingly capable.

The aprilia is the better value and probably more capable in my hands. it also sounds insane. I recently installed the full system and it just sings. That being said nothing pulls the heart strings like the Ducati and if i could only have one and $$ was not a consideration, while it is a very very tough choice, it's the one to have for me.
Thanks from maxnne
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Originally Posted by PanigaleV4S View Post
I have a huge amount of respect for the Aprilia RSV4 and Tuono. Those V4's really do sound amazing, but I personally couldn't buy a brand new bike that looks like a 10 year old bike. Don't get me wrong, i still think the Aprilia is a nice looking bike, but it's definitely dated and needs some LED headlights.

All the reviewers say that all the new bikes are so good these days, that you should just buy which ever one you like the look of most. So that'd also be my advice.
I 100% agree with this guy. As they have improved on the RSV4 immensely, i couldn't justify buying a brand new bike that looks 10 years old. On the other hand, my buddys 2014 RSV4 looks brand new! I was a fan of the RSV4 until Aprilia kept coming out with the same bike every year...tweaking a little, but it looks 99% the same. I'm tired of the "current" look.

I'm die hard ducati, and am definitely biased towards the V4s, but if you really like the Aprilia, and can wait a year or so for a facelifted (FINALLY!!!!!)version, id do that.
Thanks from PanigaleV4S
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Old Jul 10th 2019, 11:45 AM   #6
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Also have fun with those valve springs on an RSV4 RF/Factory... Google, you'll find all the fun we've been had with them.. It's not an if, but when.
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Old Jul 10th 2019, 11:56 AM   #7
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get the one you like looking at the most
All of the above are way beyond any of us as far as performance
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Old Jul 18th 2019, 03:17 AM   #8
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So it looks like I'm set and very nearly ready to pull the trigger on a v4s. The only thing I'd like to confirm is if the heat on the rider during low to mid speeds is as bad as folks are making it out to be or are they being exaggerated a bit ?

Also will consider the full exhaust should I move forward and not sure if this helps as well.
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I always ride in full leathers and I do not suffer from the heat of the exhaust.
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I ride in full textiles and the heat isn't a problem in 90 degree weather.
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