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Old Aug 13th 2019, 02:29 PM   #11
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Water Wetter Mo cool

Been reading that this can reduce engine temp by 15F. Every little helps would run it if it didnt cause problems.
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100+ in Vegas. I have an 1199 but same issue w/ heat. Honestly you just have to get used to it. Sit a little higher in the seat and take the roads with least amount of stop and go. When its really hot out I will ride the Daytona or take my car.
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I was in Houston on my 1098, commuted on 290 from Cypress to Galleria everyday for a week in August 2009...during the record drought. I think every day I rode was 100F+. No doubt I would've died on the V4.

88F in Oregon right now, just got off a 30 minute ride, including a few minutes of traffic. For the first time on this bike I thought my nuts were burning for a minute. Must've been the way the wind was blowing the heat up the tank near my nads. Usually it's just my thighs by the frame that feel the warmth. Good thing we're done having kids (6 is enough)...otherwise I'd fear some defects after today's nut roasting.

There's gotta be an effective solution by taking the fairings and tank off to install some shielding & wraps on strategic things. I just don't have a big enough problem to work on it...but if I was on the Gulf Coast I'd definitely be figuring something out quick!
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Honestly guys my RSV4 was much worse than this bike - your legs were right on the frame and that heated right up, also it idled really fast and blew hot air straight at you.

The Duck doesn't do either of these things and the heat shielding on the bike already works pretty well.

Lane split and keep it moving ?
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Old Aug 13th 2019, 05:18 PM   #15
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Originally Posted by Samba636 View Post
@Oldmansan thanks for the welcome, hoping I can fix this and be able to stick around

Out of the proposed fixes it seems leather pants and thermal undies may be the way forward. was curious on how effective any other options proved.

Need to commute and ride this year round like my previous Jap bikes. It cant be a weekend special.
You're welcome. Stick around.

Sounds like Phl is implying that the stock exhuast is retaining heat it doesn't need to, so maybe an altered stock exhaust and/or cat removal will help. Again, I don't any comparison experience as my V4S was delivered to me with the Akra race kit. It's still hot, but only when at a long light on a hot day, and my area isn't as hot as Houston. Your average temperature in August is six degrees (F) hotter than mine.

I got the dealership to throw in a wicking undersuit with a Ducati (Dainese) suit they were dying to get rid of. I think it helps, but don't have any definitive proof. It certainly is more comfortable and easier to get into/out of the suit.

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Old Aug 14th 2019, 03:52 AM   #16
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there is a mod for the L2 that allowed the rider to manually turn the fan on. not sure how this could be done on the V4 , but it is worth looking into .

the 2cyl pani was/is for sure heat trapped under the seat - the 4cyl looks like the engine is playing a bigger role in the abhorred heat. imo

the catalytic converter like thing in the exhaust is definitely producing extra heat that ceramic palladium core must get to 500˚ F .

I thought ducati had a solution for free that made the V4 drop to 2cyl on idle in traffic?
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Old Aug 14th 2019, 06:47 AM   #17
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Originally Posted by RobertH View Post

Lane split and keep it moving ?
In houston that would be the equivalent of putting a target on your back and taking a meander through a shooting range.
Thanks from fosterelli
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Old Aug 14th 2019, 07:17 AM   #18
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I'll chime in with an unpopular opinion that Ducati superbikes and heck most other superbikes just suck in stop and go traffic, especially when you live somewhere hot. There are some upsides to being up here in Alaska like cooler weather and less traffic. I still get stuck at occasional long lights or traffic and these kind of bikes do not like it at all.

I would have a hard time justifying a Ducati superbike as my only ride.
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Old Aug 14th 2019, 07:50 AM   #19
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My Tuono 1100 was a pretty decent commuter by any measure. I actually preferred it to my Multistrada.
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In city traffic exclusively and in 100F I wear shorts and Tshirt. It's ok with me
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