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mark419ny Feb 17th 2017 09:16 AM

new bell star helmets
Has anyone purchased one yet and have a review?

i am a huge bell star fan i had 5 versions of the bell star most being the carbon. the helmet was such a great value top of the line performance carbon shell transition visor etc.

bell was never my go to helmet for the track as the fitment was ever so slightly off so i used the shoei x12 but for the street, the value of the star was unsurpassed. i had both the laguna seca and the cota versions as well as the black beauty and the tricolore also had the born free which was the rs1.

the helmets were loud but what do you expect from the best ventilate helmet out. i wore ear plugs anyway so this didnt effect me.

so my question is anybody try the new stars if so what do you think. the carbons arent cheap anymore so the value play is not there. unles you do the pro star which compares to arai and then you have 1200 vs 4000

Steve B Feb 20th 2017 02:36 PM

I picked up a Race Star last Fall, to replace a 1st gen Star (yep, I keep helmets a while). Hasn't seen a ton of use over the off season, but guess I've used it enough to weigh in, at least as to how it compares to the old one.

Pluses: Much higher build quality and fit-n-finish all-round. Quieter, particularly as regards air coming up past the neck roll to the ears, but still not a really quiet helmet IMHO. I wear earplugs always, so not a big deal to me. The larger eyeport is great, and the clarity of the new center lock shield is good as well. It has a much nicer lining, both in terms of fit and material. The Flex impact liner works, as you can feel the interior of the helmet rotating independently of the shell when you tug on it. Happy to say I haven't crash tested it, but it promises to do as intended to reduce rotational force. Aero seems better, with noticeably less head drag and neck fatigue when you're sitting upright at speed. Definitely gets better when you drop your head forward into a race position, so it's obviously optimized for that. Doh, RACE Star... ;-) Ventilation seems good, but it's been mild to cold weather so I can't speak to how it is when the temps go up. Most of the time so far I've had the vents shut to keep warm.

Minuses, in no particular order. The shield doesn't have detents, so while you can crack it for ventilation, there really aren't any other middle positions; it's fully open, cracked, or shut. Not a big thing to me in practice, but it might bother some. Despite being carbon, it's not a light helmet. I think they went for protection first, so if you're looking for something feathery, keep looking. The shell is considerably larger than my Gen 1 Star, which was admittedly a small due to the weird sizing they had initially. I'm 58CM and generally a medium, and the medium Race Star fits fine; very Shoei-like in internal shape actually. Looks big on my scrawny little 5'8", 145lb arse which I'm not crazy about, but that wouldn't matter for someone bigger. It IS physically larger than a medium X14 or Corsair X, that's for sure. Again I think the multi-layer liner is the reason, since they do more shell sizes than before. Function first. While it has pockets for the arms of your glasses now, they seem a bit high and my sunglasses don't want to sit down on my nose as a result; the pockets make them sit up a touch high. That of course can vary face to face, or between different sunglasses. Might not be a thing.

Don't have much to compare it to in terms of actual use so a bit limited there, but in terms of shape I'd say it runs medium-oval in shape. A lot like the X14 in sizing and internal shape, but a bit snugger around the sides and cheeks. Not a lot of room around the ears for com speakers, so that might be an issue - haven't tried to mount any yet.

About the only things I'd really want different are the overall size (more compact), weight (lighter always), and the glasses arm pockets. It's more expensive than the old Stars, but you can see where the $ goes.

mark419ny Feb 21st 2017 12:02 PM

i pulled the trigger. got a pro star. i was told the helmet looks amazing so i went with it. got the ratchet. cant wait.

Gunny Fitz Feb 21st 2017 07:27 PM

Bell or hell
Bell vs. Any Other Helmet = Bell (IMHO only)

bradp51 Feb 21st 2017 08:50 PM


Originally Posted by mark419ny (Post 273651)
i pulled the trigger. got a pro star. i was told the helmet looks amazing so i went with it. got the ratchet. cant wait.

Nice choice I like the look of the Ratchet and the Tracer.

mark419ny Feb 22nd 2017 08:07 AM


Originally Posted by bradp51 (Post 273697)
Nice choice I like the look of the Ratchet and the Tracer.

the tracer is gloss on the graphic but the carbon is matte. im with gunny on this one that i want my carbon glossy all day every day all over. so i went with ratchet.

i live in fl now so a review of the pro star is coming soon i should have it by friday.

i was curious about this helmet for a while. cam has been wearing it for a while now and so has jake.

panhandler Feb 22nd 2017 09:39 AM

Ive been riding since 2002 and was a total helmet snob and only stuck with Arais until this year. Theres a lot of buzz going on about the new Bell race and pro stars so i checked them out and fell in love with the race star roland sands. Looked at a ton of reviews and it turns out the Bell helmets are some of the best helmets out there. Called all my dealers and sure enough not 1 carried them and only custom ordered(non refundable) them so i had to cancel that idea because i wasnt willing to chance the fit on a $900 helmet.

Sorry to hijack but ive always wondered what riding is like in the summer in Florida? I went there in the summer and couldnt even wear boxers under my shorts because it was so humid and hot.

mark419ny Feb 22nd 2017 10:08 AM

riding in fl has pluses and minuses. biggest plus is you can ride all year long. biggest minus is everything here is flat and straight (and old people)

i got here in sept so i have not experienced summer riding yet. i find it funny that my "winter league" softball season started like 5 weeks ago that is when my winter league football season started in ny. so that is odd.

i have to venture that riding in the summer in FL isnt that much different than say ny. ny is just as hot as fl in the summer. you may have to avoid the track in july and aug but i would love that to get sept to early june.

mark419ny Feb 22nd 2017 10:16 AM


Originally Posted by Gunny Fitz (Post 273687)
It's ALWAYS a great day seeing something that Mark bought for himself, and he's not lying at all folks, Mark & Bell have a super nice relationship together that NO MAN can ever break! Even at PRO races across the country Mark wants more face time with the hardcore Bell Reps there , and regardless of the rider what's to know ALL about how their helmet did at warp speeds and their field of vision! I do say this 110% of Mark- he does his homework just like I do and will always land on his feet like a sneaky cat folks!

So GOOD on you my friend Mark! Get 2-3 and I anxiously look forward to your reviews of them no matter how late you stay up down there by your indoor/ outdoor Pool dreaming about what your next purchase will be. And though based on our last few conversation I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a "Real Killer!" For sure .............



Ps. One day I'll get you behind one of these Mark. Talk about something TRULY taking your breath away! Un-friggin REAL

i had a servere helmet buying problem in the past. i wanted everything to be perfect. i spoke with many bell reps on the custom ones the lack of pinlock etc. the changes in head shape on the stars etc. thank god i kicked my habbit. but these pro stars sure are sweet.

Gunny Fitz Feb 22nd 2017 10:36 AM

Bell vs any other helmet = Bell (IMHO only)

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