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Washing leather racing suits ?

Hello folks

just was wondering how you guys normally clean your racing suits

i do clean the outside once a month and treat it with a touch of wax but im not sure what to do with the inside

is it bad to rise the whole suit quickly to get rid of all the sweat or would that cause more harm than good ?

thanks for any advice
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Old Apr 11th 2017, 08:51 AM   #2
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I have put suits in the wash (cold water just a little soap) with great success.
Maybe once every other year when its starts to get ripe.
Hang dry, out of the sun, no dryer and give it a few days to dry.
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I've never tried it personally but a trusted source told me to soak it in the tub overnight. The soak will allow the water to clean the stitching and hard to reach places. Cleaning the stitching is important to retain the strength.

Then lay the suit flat and allow to dry. Then condition the suit with a quality leather conditioner.
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i wash mine in the washing machine every year.

remove all the armor and the inside liner (if removable) and use cold water + very very mild soap in the washing machine, once done, pat dry any extra water and lay the suit down on top of a towel and let it air dry out of the sun, turning it around every so often to expose the damp side below.

NEVER hang dry a fully wet suit, that also goes for when you're at the track and you get rained on. A fully soaking wet suit is incredibly heavy and if hung, the suit will stretch out, so only dry it by laying it down on a towel.

once it's 90% dry but still slightly damp to the touch, generously apply leather conditioner to both the front and the back of the suit, I use lexol conditioner and do about 2 rounds of conditioning on both sides; once dry, it's hung and ready to go for the next year.
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I used leather soap and leather honey. Dainese suggest to use their cleaning kit, or mild soap and water, then lay out to dry away from heat source.

Never thought about the interior. I guess the so called sanitizing lining cleans itself? Think I am gonna wipe down the inside this weekend.
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I've only ever cleaned the outside of any of my leathers.

Never noticed any smell, could be just me though
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remove the armor and liner then put it in a commercial washing machine and use the lexol cleaner and conditioner.. Put in the machine, put the lexol cleaner in the detergent loader and then put the conditioner in the softener compartment. wash and then hang dry with a dryer or dry flat on the floor.
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I too have only cleaned and conditioned the exterior using the dainese products. I usually just leave it hanging to air it out when not used, and have only ever used febreeze on the inside once. I might try the commercial wash as some suggested.
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