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So I’ve tried them both on, and they both fit me great.... damn it, now I’m really undecided. Any other input about the Suomy?
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I can't speak for the Suomy personally but I've read a lot of good things. They seem like quality lids, and with Dovi repping them I don't think you can go wrong. I do have a Shoei X-Spirit III and it's an absolutely fantastic lid.

A comfortable fit is all important, so it's great they both pass that criteria for you. Both are equally viable options, so I'd say just go with the graphic you like best. I'd go for the Dovi rep because, well, Dovi, and I'll be back on a Ducati again in 2018.
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Originally Posted by VAST View Post
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Back in 2006, we were racing WERA at Roebling Road one early spring weekend. My buddy wore a Suomy full face helmet and I loved the graphics but never asked him about the quality of the helmet. Anyway, he was going to race my KTM supermotard and decided last minute to go out for first practice. The tire warmers were not on the bike, so hence, the tires were cold. The track was also cold because the sun had not really burnt off the cloud cover. I told him to go easy. He didn't. He busted his A$$ going through turn 3 which is a very high speed left hand sweeper. The wreck broke his back (thoracic) at around T-2 or T-3. He now cannot taste any level of hot sauce but he did recover from the broken vertebrae. So, I'm standing in the pits, after he is hauled off, and I look at his Suomy. The entire chin bar was just flopping and barely held on. I've raced and ridden a long time and I've never seen the chin bar on a quality helmet, that was wrecked, just flopping and hanging. This Suomy was barely hanging together. My friend didn't suffer a head injury because to me, he was already a crazy loon, but it was scary to think about the chin bar just flopping and barely hanging on. My point is I've wrecked in a lot of Arai helmets and mauled them but I've never had a chin bar look like the one on the Suomy. My friend never wore a Suomy after that wreck. If your choice is down to price point, I understand, but if you can swing it, you really should try on an Arai Corsair. Expensive, but your head can't be replaced. Maybe Suomy has progressed since 2006 but I would definitely proceed with due caution. Peace and safe riding. Highside 49
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Originally Posted by BenF04 View Post
Undoubtedly so. I bought a Marquez rep for my girl and she saves slides on her elbow all the time now.

Arai for me, but like everyone says, try them and see which one fits best.
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suomy was my favorite helmet when it was the spec 1 r. since they changes to the sr i am not sure cause it doesnt fit me right. i am a med in almost every helmet. small in arai and was a large in suomy. it was customery to go up one size in the old ones. over the weekend i tried on the dovi. med was too big so now i dont know i cant find a small. the old one was almost like it was custom for me. i had the wall st graphic and the clear iridium visor. best visor on the market hands down as you can wear it if its very bright or at night time. it was of course discontinued.

i am now a shoei guy fits almost as good as the old suomy.

my opinion is if they both fit the same go with the suomy. if you get the dovi get the new one with the blue in it breaks up the all red and its suomy top of the line which is cheaper than the mid level shoei. arai is a waste of money as IMO any top of the line helmet is about the same.

the only shoei i wear are the x series. x12 x14. i dont like the RF series.

as it is now i would take the x14 over anything out there but if the suomy fit me right i would have the dovi for sure. i also have a bell pro star but thats because of the deal i got on it.

bottom line out of what you are asking suomy or rf1200 its not even a choice. suomy. if it was an x14 or suomy then its a different conversation.

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Having violently crashed tested a Shoei with my own head, I became a convert, I won't ride with anything else, when I have to wear a helmet. The padding in these helmets absorb impact so well, it's amazing. I slammed my head on asphalt hard enough to rip the face shield off and knock the vent out of it. I saw stars and zolotone for over an hour after the wreck, yet no headache, even the next day.
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