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Originally Posted by ddd269 View Post
Stock map or Termi map? If you still have the stock map could that make the difference?

Maybe the stock map can't compensate the added air?
I've got the termi slip on up-map..installed it when my bike had around 1,600kms...I felt a difference in power with the Termi slip-ons and UpMap installed...but didnt feel any improvement with the BMC filter....

Oh well... bike runs well and pulls cleanly anyways! Happy with the performance of my Duke!
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Thanks for the write up. This will help when I order mine shortly. Have you noticed a big difference ?
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Thanks for the great directions. Did it myself this morning and it took about an hour all told. Note: Watch the wire clip on the injectors, and note how it fits as between the two injectors, it is bound to fall off at least one - it did on both of mine. You will have to reinstall it via Braille as you cannot see it, but it is no big deal, just feel for the posts it clips over and you will be fine. OP, did you replace the metal hose clamp on the vent hose when you replaced yours? Since it was a one-shot crimp-type, and I noticed it missing on your photo, I left mine off as well. No problems, started right up, and idles fine. Haven't taken it out yet for a spin, so it will be interesting to see how it runs with the TuneBoy 0205 program, the MWR filter (with accessory plate kit which by the way, is nothing more than 4 small bolts, 4 springs, and 4 locknuts, costing $44) plus the Termi slip-ons. May switch the ECU over to Wayne's version of the full Termi ECU program if it feels lean. I'll let you all know.

Update: took it out for a 10 mile run through traffic, and up the freeway. Seems to idle a bit smoother, maybe, and "pops" when shifting a bit less (does that mean it is a little less rich than before the MWR filter?), and on the freeway with light throttle, maybe a bit smoother, but nothing that smacks me upside the head and says "who added a bunch of power here". Does not appear to want to wheelie any more than before, but doesn't run any worse either. All part of the package of airfilter, ECU, and Termi exhaust, to prepare for a proper dyno tuning, so we shall see.

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Great write-up, thank you. Have one being delivered today, I truly hope it is worth the money. I'm not looking for any more power, I was hooked by the promise of cylinder pressure balancing. The explanation and solution made sense, because otherwise $150 for a filter is madness!
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I'm finishing up my install, and noticed the injector harness are labeled 'top H' and 'top V'. Does it matter which harness goes to which injector?

Edit: I'm an idiot, I figured it out. If anyone else runs into the same problem, H is horizontal cylinder, V is vertical cylinder.
Thanks from JPKII and rrgerman

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Great write up
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Thanks to this detailed write up, I was able to change my OEM air filter for a Sprint P08 in just 30 minutes without any issues
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Why to remove injectors etc?
Original, MWR or sprinter filter is very easy slide in or out removing nothing...
Thanks from Gecko
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Originally Posted by Sutki View Post
Why to remove injectors etc?
Original, MWR or sprinter filter is very easy slide in or out removing nothing...
I guess it's summer time, in german it's called "saure Gurkenzeit".
Yep, you're right, it's not required to remove the injectors. It makes life a bit easier to just remove the electrical connectors.
Thanks from Sutki

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I just installed mine today (2013 Panigale 1199 base, stock) and it idles much better (when at a stop light if I slightly give it gas it doesn't feel like its gonna die on me) and also responds better at mid-high range. I think it also sounds meaner

Just as a side note, if you are gonna do this mod make sure you know where the injector connectors go, I didn't pay attention and I plugged them back in the way I thought they were before and when I went for a ride the bike wouldn't go past 9k rpm (same feeling like when you top it at red line)... had to go back home and switch them and now its all good duh!
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