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Old Jul 20th 2015, 06:34 AM   #101
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I have an 1199 Base with 4600 miles and zero track time..

The previous owner set the suspension back to “stock” before handing it to me 1 months ago..

On my first ever “spirited” ride I found the bike to be impossible to ride. Front end acted like pogo stick and the rear would push the entire bike to shake if there were even the slightest road imperfections (while leaned over), coming out of corners the bike wanted to run wide upon hard acceleration and going into corners the front seemed Numb – I was extremely worried and wondered if buying the panigale without a proper test ride was a bad decision

Long story short, upon checking the settings, both the front and rear was set up way too tight.

I have since set front C, D and R to about 30%-35% of available stiffness/hardness, same with the rear, and the bike has been transformed. Its simply amazing how different (and horrible) the same bike felt when it was set up incorrectly and how sublime it feels now ( and I have not even set proper SAG yet)

I am looking forward to dialing this thing in, I can only imagine how much better its going to get

I will post my exact setting at a later time, don’t have them with me
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Old Jan 30th 2016, 12:49 PM   #102
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I have read these posts, Im still confused and the owners handbook confuses me even more.

I have a Base 1299, Im a novice wanna be fast guy, I find the suspension as set to the recommended owners book pages 231-233 is sooo hard and that my 75 Kg frame hardly moves the rear down when i bounce on it, pushing the front down is also quite difficult.

Im new to the Ducati and want to make it pleasant to ride on the road, and many of the roads are not perfect, when I take it for its first service i want the (F) to be swapped to the (P) setting, thinking it will be better?

Can any of you seasoned guys who know the Pen advise me on better setting for road use, in the book they refer to turn all clockwise and then out XX amount of clicks out

advise will be appreciated
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I would suggest you ignore this whole thread because everyone else's riding style has no bearing on your own— thus, using their settings is pure rubbish, if not bollocks , moreover you should get a rear spring that is for your weight and have the suspension professionANALy dialed in..
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Always an Anal referance. Haha. The base suspension isn't worthy of a moped. I suggest you upgrade immediately. My bike handled like a wet noodle before I got some quality stuff.
Thanks from Prince Albert
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suspension Settings

When you guys post 23 compression or 17 rebound. Is that adjusting from Full stiff in or starting from full soft out. Thanks I am new to Ducati settings
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Old Nov 20th 2017, 10:27 PM   #106
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Originally Posted by jackgraves View Post
When you guys post 23 compression or 17 rebound. Is that adjusting from Full stiff in or starting from full soft out. Thanks I am new to Ducati settings
Ducati settings are no different. Every bike uses same setup for suspension, but people often confuse it. The settings should be from from full stiff and turn out. So 23 compression would be pretty soft. If you have electronic suspension or clickers the rule is still the same but on one your manually adjusting and on other you’re using your digital dash display to set up.

As others mentioned it’s rider dependent based on skill level, road conditions, etc. what I like you might not like. Find a good online reference and set your settings in the middle, then go ride and adjust one thing at a time. Numbers don’t have to be equal front and rear. Also remember every bike has different amount of settings on suspension depending on what is being used. So one bike may have only 12 adjustments meaning 6 is in the middle and not too stiff not too soft. Yet on a bike with 30 adjustment settings a 6 would be very stiff and 15 would be the middle ground.

For reference on my 1199s I’m running in race mode, adjusted EBC to 2

Front Settings
C 12
R 14

C 12
R 10
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