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Blipper & cruise control

Evening all,

Just thought I would share some info with you all. Last Friday I was at my dealership when I got talking to the owner about how he was getting on with developing the blipper (This allows you to downshift without the clutch). All has gone well, the software is spot on and all those who have ridden the test bike have been very impressed with it and subsequently bought the system. The system has been developed with various people including some race teams as they have raced around the Isle of Man at this years TT. This is a plug and play system as far as he has told me, he said that it would only take a matter of minutes to plug it all in and then if i didn't like it then i could just take it off, simple as that! The system is so good that they are in talks with Ducati to see if they want to buy the system from them. This system comes as a complete package, so you have to have the blipper and cruise control together (something to do with the ECU). Right.....so now down to what everybody wants to know and that's how much it will cost???? I myself asked Ralf (one of the owners) this very question and here is his response: "MotoGP teams will pay about 13000 euros for the basic package, they then have to buy all the add on bits to suit their particular bike so you are now looking at 15000 Euro +" at this point i was getting ready to walk out the door, he then carried on " However, this system will cost about 2000 Euro's" ( i have no idea what that works out in as USD but it will be approx. 1700 for those of us hailing from the UK).
If anyone is interested you can go to BeFaster | Ducati & Tuning in Hannover / Laatzen and have a look. The site is all in German but you can obviously translate it using the net.
Just so you all know, i am not affiliated with this product, i only wish only to let the wider community know that this is out there (Before Ducati buy it and stick their somewhat hefty mark up on it!).
If some of you are genuinely interested in this then either give Ralf or Ecki a call (they both speak perfect English and their number can be found on the web site mentioned above) or PM me and i will speak to them and see how much it will cost to post to wherever you may be.

Best regards and keep it rubber side down
Thanks from transdesigner
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Isn't Tuneboy working on a blip? It already has the Cruise for a fraction cost of this thing.
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Not sure if anyone else is working on this, quite possible though. This is the first company I have heard of that has produced a fully operational blipper. Personally, I will be saving my 2000 Euro by staying 'Old School' and using my clutch as normal, just thought i'd spread the word to those that are currently in the market looking for one.
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Nicht schlecht, aber tuneboy.au arbeitet am selbigen zu 1/4 des Preises.
He has the full mapping and cruise already integrated, is currently working on the blipper and remote starting via app.
Thanks for the info anyway.
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So you mean we can have clutchless downshifts?

Hmmmmmm....I would rather think that we may be required to still use the clutch for downshifts BUT the bike will now have the circuitry to blip throttle or increase rpm rapidly for a second while still using the clutch....so we wont ever need to blip it while downshifting as it does it for you automatically??.

But I'm pretty sure we will still be required to use the clutch when doing hard downshifts at highspeeds.

Cruise control? never had the need for one...not on a full blown Superbike like our Panigales.

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as it's written on the official site they simply sell tuneboy.
... So no own development

Blipper | BeFaster
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Old Dec 26th 2013, 04:59 AM   #8
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this is what i opted for..
it s going on end of jan when Moto Rapido is done with het engine and pipe

Ducati 1199 Panigale running Pro-Shift GP Winning PS3 "Closed Loop" Semi-Automatic Gearshift System - YouTube
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can you keep the shifter as well, or does it have to be removed ? - which, if you lose the shifter, would render a system like this for track use only (?)
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Interesting...is it safe for the gears?
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