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Coolant leak

Hi guys/gals
Gave my bike a good run at the track last week and a coolant leak popped up.
I have seen a few pics on the forum that look the same as mine. I fixed mine and so far so good. All it was was a loose hose clamp. I tightened it up and leak gone. Just thought I would post it up as going to the dealer can be a pain even for warranty. Cheers.


Offending clamp

All clean

Thanks from Phl
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Is it leaking any more? I had the same looking leak and it definitely was not the hose. Its the coolant squirter (manifold above) Its made out of polymer and starts to leak at the joint. It usually starts leaking when the bike is cooling overnight.
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i had the same problem, tighten up my hose and the leak went away but about 6months later it started to leak again :/

as Fragile said, it only happens when i go for a ride and leave the bike for a period of time to cool down and then come back to it and it has started to leak.

Fragile how did you fix yours?
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Old Dec 17th 2014, 07:45 AM   #4
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Lol, I have the same thing. Mine is a '12 with about 3300 miles.

I saw the leak, did some research, found hoses clamps as the likely cause, then proceeded to tighten all the loose clamps I had. Interestingly I found the larger diameter hose that comes off the squirter housing towards you(as you are on left side of bike) was off the housing by about 1/4". I loosened it and slid it on all the way and re-tightened clamps (tighten until clamp doesn't move freely then 1 full turn after that).

It seemed to work. Did several long rides with not a drop of coolant afterwards. Then several weeks later I had another couple drops of coolant.

Mine seems to push a little coolant as the weather/temperature is changing (I check daily). Odd I know... I can clean it up and for weeks it will be fine (bike is in non-climate controlled storage so it's not being started or ridden). Then if a weather system moves through, my guess is drastic changes in pressure/temperature, it pushes some coolant out of either the squirter housing or a damaged hose. Or its purely coincidental. After all correlation does not imply causation!!

In any case I plan on replacing the hoses with Samco and the squirter housing this winter. Not looking forward to this exercise!! lol.
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Oh no, coolant leak!

I had the same issue. They initially replaced the clamp but were still having issues so they replaced the hose assembly as well.

Haven't had an issue since.
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Old Dec 18th 2014, 12:16 PM   #6
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I've been having the same issue lately. I have a '14 model. Dealer has already switched out the clamps. About a month later.. it's leaking a again :,-(.... Called the dealer and now I'm hold till after the new year. They have to call their "service area manager". Very disappointed about this. Especially with it being a new bike and only having 2500 miles....
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Old Jan 31st 2015, 05:35 PM   #7
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Any updates?
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I had this leak last year and I posted about it. This is a warranty item and there is a new clamp and hose for this. Take it to the dealer so they can put the new clamp and hose on. It's not coolant, its oil. Thats the breather hose connected to the air box. It's suppose to carry oil back into the engine I believe. I've had it twice. Once last year April, before my first trip to Barber. The tech made a temp fix( didnt have the parts from Ducati) so I could go to the track day in Alabama. I was suppose to take it back for the Ducati fix, but I forgot. It came back and they put the Ducati fix in. Havent had an issue since.

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Sorry so late in reply, but this is the "Squirter" fracturing. Its a slightly known problem by the dealers. The "Squirter" they call it is the manifold above the hose made out of polyamide (black plastic). They have to replace the whole assembly or you will have overnight leaks. The leak cannot be reproduced by running the bike but does it when sitting overnight. The way the coolant leaks out makes it look like its coming from the big hose above or the little one below. Trust me, its the Squirter! Tell the dealer to replace the squirter. That is Italian for injector or injection manifold or something like that, haha.

For that poster just above, I am very surprised that he says its oil. The stuff is pink, its coolant dude!

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Yep you are right, it started leaking again after I tightened everything. Took to the dealer, they knew about the problem and warranty covered it all. New hoses, clamps, housing (Squirter) and coolant. Apparently it is a fault but only fixed once it starts leaking. So no recall? Anyway done about 1,000 kms since the fix and no problem.
Keep an eye on it everyone.

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