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I Ride: 2012 1199S, 2008 Speed Triple
Track-day Riders: Tire Warmers - What Rubber to use?

I ride my 1199 predominantly on the road; however, during 2014 I was fortunate to get to the local track (3 hrs away) for seven track-days.
Seeing my enthusiasm for track-days and photos of my knee-down escapades, Santa brought me a set of Chicken-Hawk Tire warmers "out of concerns for my safety." (Thank you Santa.)
I like the OEM Pirrelli rubber; however, they are over-priced and I get 500 miles less out of them compared to the Dunlop Q3s (1,000 miles vs. 1,500 miles). My road-riding on the 1199 is exclusively fast twisties through the Ozarks; I have a Speed triple for sport touring and days when the weather does not lend itself to full-on spirited rides. On the 1199, I currently run the Dunlop Q3s on both the road and track and I am very pleased with their excellent combination of performance, longevity and price in both situations. I am no Ricky-Racer; however, I do run in the top quartile of the intermediate group and I plan to attend even more track-days in 2015. If it is raining, I don't bother with the track; the risk-reward is just not aligned with my budget or the objectives of my track weekends.
I am unlikely to purchase a second set of wheels this year for track-specific tires (putting the money into track body work and a trailer instead); and so I am considering a few options for the forthcoming season:
  1. Using tire warmers with track-specific tires for track-days and remounting Q3s at the end of each weekend;
  2. Using tire warmers with a new road-and-track tire for track-days, using the remainder of the rubber on the road following each track weekend; and,
  3. Continuing to use the Dunlop Q3s, but now with tire warmers on track days, and using the remainder of the tires up on the road following each track weekend.
I have two questions:
  1. What road-and-track tire would you recommend I use with tire warmers for track-days? Continue with the Q3s, or something else?
  2. What track-specific tire would you recommend I use with tire warmers for track days? I am open to considering a slick or treaded tire.
Thank you in advance for your consideration.
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I swear by Michelin Power Cups.. but that was on my 999s and I ran 180/55 rear but looking for 200 rears seem to be a bit of a rare beast so I may just stick with the Supercorsas
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I Ride: 2015 Panigale R, 1098r Bayliss, Triumph 675R (ex AMA Bike), Beta 300 RR Race
At your current level you are probably still not pushing the q3's to the limit so just stick with them And run the tire warmers it just means you will not need to do a lap to get the heat back into the tyres
Thanks from Styler

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DOT race or slick tires are the best safety/ performance upgrade aside from suspension work you can do for the track. In either case, warmers will help you get 1-2 more laps at pace per session, and will help extend the life of the tires to some extent. Given the sensitivities of the DTC to tire profile, circumference, Pirelli DOTs/ sllicks in SC2 compound is the easiest choice for track days. I ran Dunlop slicks for several days this last season (my preferred tire on my previous bike) and am switching back to Pirelli for 2015.

All this said, the Q3 is a very capable tire in its own right. They won't be as susceptible to heat cycles as DOT race tires, and come to temp quickly, so not sure how much real benefit you would see from warmers

Have fun!
Thanks from Styler and TricoloreSF

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I run slicks on the track and what I have noticed, it's all about feel. I have run a few manufacturers but, I've switched back to Pirelli Superbike slicks because of the feel and confidence they give me. I say try them all, and figure out what feels right. But, you can't go wrong with Pirelli. When you are ready, hit me up and I can put you in contact with the best tire guy in the business. Myself, Logan and Gunny use him exclusively.
Thanks from Gunny Fitz, Styler and Pilot
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You posed some very good questions here my friend and before I went to write this I glanced at who replied to you. To my pleasant surprise my man Leon already sent you some great info which I was going to tell you to contact him for!

I put Leon, along with many other riders and racers in touch with my good friend of many years, John Hutchinson , who will not only hook you up with the very best in rubber, but educate you as well which often means more! If I'm not mistaken I even told Leon to talk w him about the Chicken Hawk warmers he bought, and stepped up to the higher model after hearing his rationale AND of course with an awesome price too!

Of all the things I've done in my MANY years aboard a Duke I truly believe spreading my extensive contacts of discount able friends who take care of those who come referred by me, and the great amount of knowledge they take the time to impart upon those who come to them. These are things that make me happy, oh and the feeling I get when folks like you trust in the things I tell you all- having trust in me that I'm not sending you off into the abyss without any direction or worse, bad advice. If you wish to obtain anything for connections and contact info you can surely reach out to Leon since I've more or less passed the torch to, along with my other great friend Phil the moderator. Another guy who believed in me and the things I've taught him. Look at him now aboard that SV !

All the very best for year 2015!
Thanks from Styler and Ljuice26
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I Ride: 2012 1199S, 2008 Speed Triple
Thanks so much for the advice and contacts.
Leon, Gunny:
I will reach out to you guys to help source some tires in March. First track days are March 21 and 22nd!
Thanks from Gunny Fitz
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I Ride: 14' 1199 R
Soo, this will be long, want to brain dump what I've learned, seen, and do:

Looking at your body position, lean angle, and current skill level at the top of an intermediate group I would STRONGLY advise against continuing with the Q3 tires for anything other than street, street + beginner trackday group, or street + damp track day ESPECIALLY if you are looking to push harder and increase your skill/laptimes.

I've been doing trackdays now aboard my 06' SV650 and 08 CBR 1000RR both track only for 2 years now (about 30-35 total trackdays, I caught the bug hard) and am also in your position, at the top of the intermediate group, I could move up to the "fast" group but figured I want to be more consistent and work on safe clean passing and that would be hard if everyone is at a faster pace, usually ends up with you trying a maneuver that your in over your head for :-)

Anyway, most people at the top of an intermediate group are running DOT Race Tires (majority) or Slicks. I can't count the amount of times I've seen someone progressing and doing all the right things to only reach the limitation of their street tires and crash, A LOT of the times they are Q3's or equivalent street/trackday tires because they are trying their best with getting the most out of the street and track with their dual purpose bike, can't blame them, the q3's reviews are great for dual purpose bikes (street and track) but at the end of the day they aren't a fast paced trackday tire, I would LOVE it if they were as they are only $230'ish a set haha A LOT of the times people are also not managing their pressures, either by not doing them at all, or only doing them in the morning and not after lunch.

On my SV650 I run the Pirelli SuperCorsa SC2 DOT Race tire (SC1 Front and SC2 Rear compound), on the CBR 1000RR I run Pirelli Superbike Pro slicks.

The SuperCorsa SC2's are AMAZING, I have yet to experience major traction issues on the SV with high lean angles and corner speed, though of course it doesn't have the power of the 1199 out of corners, and of course the braking will be harder on the front tire since we almost never brake on the SV :-)

The Superbike Pro slicks are GREAT, I experienced a traction issue with them once, I got lazy and didn't change them out for an ungodly amount of trackdays, they got cold and had decent pop out of the seat when I got on the throttle our of a corner but saved it. Nothing to do with the tires, just my stupidity.

Anyway, I am going to be doing a few trackdays with my 14' 1199 R and the current stock tires (which are worn already) will be switched out for the SuperCorsa SC2 DOT Race Tire....mite get 2 or 3 days out of the rear, and 3 to 4 days out of the front, of course managing heat cycles with tire warmers, I used to run Chicken Hawks but now run Moto-D (dual temp on the SV650, and pro digital on the CBR and 1199).

In closing, if I were you I would run the SuperCorsa SC2 DOT Race Tires with SC1 front and SC2 rear (maybe sc2 all around depending on your track), and swap back to your Q3's if you only have one set of wheels for the street. The best thing you can do is what I did and get a spare set of front/rear wheels to make life simple. If you think about the money you'll be spending swapping tires back and forth you can just buy a set of used wheels, hell maybe even get a set of aftermarket, the extra cost is worth the connivence :-)

ALSO, don't use tire warmers with the Q3, my close trackday buddy used to do that with this Q3 on his 1000RR in the fast/intermediate group and the tires clearly overheated and he almost crashed several times. If you want to use warmers though make sure there is a low setting and its not 115 degrees outside haha

Hope this helps, sorry for the long post.
Thanks from Styler
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Don't ever use Superbike Pro slicks they are shit .
Thanks from kope999R
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I Ride: 2015 Panigale R, 1098r Bayliss, Triumph 675R (ex AMA Bike), Beta 300 RR Race
Originally Posted by wilkson View Post
Don't ever use Superbike Pro slicks they are shit .
What are you using at the at the moment

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