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Ducati 1199S Issues in Australia

Hello All,

Just recently joined this forum, and looking for some advice.
I recently bought this bike and i brought into Melbourne Ducati to do a yearly check on this bike and do an oil and filter change in early June. I have been away for 2 weeks and on my return when i go to start it up it billows out blue smoke on cold startup.
I checked the oil level and Ducati overfilled the crankcase.
What should i do:
- Drain oil to correct level and see how it runs
- Bring it into Ducati and explain the situation and show them this video:

Does n overfull crankcase allow oil to get back into the airbox?
Anybody ever have this issue:

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I can see new pistons and rings in your future.

Under warranty still ?

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No, it's 2013. I'm going to call Ducati tomorrow and tell them what's happening.

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Your not the first person on here to have to drain the oil, these bikes burn oil... thread on here brand new 1199 with it smoking on startup.

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Welcome to the forum. You do not mention how many kilometres on the bike. That is a key piece of information. I assume you purchased second hand. Does the smoke eventually stop or does it keep going. If after a short ride and you get back and start up again and it still punches out blue smoke then it could be like NOLA said. Trouble is blue smoke has always meant shot rings since I have been riding bikes about the time "On Any Sunday" was at the cinema.

As far as the overfilled oil goes just use a squeeze bottle with a tube and suck out the excess. When checking oil level make sure the bike is level on both wheels. Not on a rear race stand and certainly not on the side stand. If you have been running it let it cool before you check the level to get the correct indication.

These are great bikes but if second hand you have no idea what someone has done to it before you purchased it.

If you buy secondhand from a previous owner directly then you are in a good position to make some informed judgement about how they treated their machine. If you arrive and its under a cover and spotless in a tidy garage and the guy has kept a maintenance record then perhaps that is the bike to buy. If you get there and its parked outside, filthy dirty, with an unlubed rusty chain and bald tyres, and you can see race plastic stuffed under a bench in the garage which looks like a garbage tip. Then maybe not the bike to buy.

Trouble with the dealer both those types of owners can trade in and you only know what the lying sleezebag salesman who was selling vacumn cleaners the week before tells you.

Good luck with it I hope you have a good ending.
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My previous one always smoke when coldstarted. It lived well for 2 years or so. My current one with 3k kms smoke too when coldstarted. It rides fine and is not eating up any oil.
This bike just smokes when coldstarted.
My eyes are not that great though, and i am viewing your video on smartphone. The smoke looks white like mine.

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Old Jun 26th 2017, 01:16 AM   #7
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Hello Brad,
There is 7,000km on the bike. I did buy this second hand and yes it does keep on punching out blue smoke after a cold start up. It will fill my shed (4 car shed) with blue smoke in the space of a minute.

If i go for a short ride and come back and start it it's fine (no smoke).

However the main point here is - The bike never done this before so why is it doing it now? If it done this when i viewed the bike i wouldn't have bought it.

So the oil level was checked on level ground with the bike standing in the upright position, as per the owners manual.

I rang Ducati Melbourne today but they can't look at the bike for 2 weeks because they're moving shops. This is truly disappointing. At this stage i don't want to even ride it any more. They should come pick it up...

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Old Jul 14th 2017, 03:10 AM   #8
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Mate , your bike doesnt need new rings . Its been overfilled by some dumbass , maybe he forgot to change the filter and put in 3.8l oil ? Siphon out about 200ml oil so that te level sits at the half way mark . My Italian friend was Troy Corser's WSBK engine mechanic/builder and his pet hate was the factory guys overfilling the crankcases , go figure.
Thanks from royal
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