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Question High temps, check engine light

I am tracking my bike, running it with a belly pan and no radiator fan. Ambient air temp is often 90-to-100 degrees F and high humidity with engine temps running 225 degrees F (107 C).
Even though I have the plug to eliminate fan-related alarms, the check engine light always comes on part way through my session. I assume this is because of engine temperatures; however, I have heard that such temps are common.
Anyway, any thoughts on this?
Are these engine temps normal? If so, why am I getting the check engine light coming on even though I have the "plug" for the harness that is supposed to eliminate such things?
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Same here! I even modded my radiator so it is now bigger and cools oil too. Eliminated the heat exchanger. It seemed to be working fine until ambient temperatures got really high, so July-early August. I have constant 98 celsius while riding but lining up for grid position is a nightmare. Engine check alert goes away if I kill ignition and restart. Planning a make-shift fan for next season...
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Are you running an uprated radiator? The guys I know that race them say this is essential and I decided not to remove the fan and fit the belly pan for this reason as well even though I'm only tracking it. The engine temp check light comes on at 120 degrees C, I was getting it when the bike had stood for a few minutes in the paddock after the hot sessions at Mugello a couple of weeks ago and the coolant would boil out. You should not be getting this problem whilst out on the track though, that's more likely a sign of an air lock or something ?
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Mine was doing that...Febur radiators installed.

My WaterWetter was a little low and the reservoir was also low. I topped off the radiator and got the reservoir to proper level and it hasn't happened since-

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Thanks for some of the insights.
I am also running distilled water and Waterwetter.
What is a good price for the Febur radiator system in the USA?
I looked on their site and the price appears to be ridiculous 4,392 Euros?!?
Complete racing water + oil radiator Ducati 899 1199 1299 Panigale 2012-2017
Also, what about the MAC WSB radiator kit? Anybody have experience with that system and US Dealers?

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I blew the water pump seal on my 1299 while racing at Road Atlanta. I ordered an H2O radiator kit from Bellissimoto. It is expensive but worth every penny if you intend to race or really do a lot of track days in hot climate areas. I'm in Florida and my 1299S was running really hot before the new race radiator. Then, at Road Atlanta, it gave up the ghost. It smelled like burning hair it was so bad. I had the radiator kit professionally installed at a Ducati dealer by a mechanic who previously spun wrenches for Danny Eslick. Unless you are very patient and a really good wrench, I wouldn't do the install. It is a super tight fit and about a 2 hour job if you're really (really) good at working on Ducati's. In the last year, I've not had one single issue with over heating. The bike gets up to temperature, and stays constant. You may not want an H2O, but you can simply google it and check the pricing. Good luck.
Thanks from Styler and Johnnyflies
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Old Aug 31st 2017, 11:26 AM   #7
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On a friend's 2014 R, the fan would not turn off after he turned off the engine via the fuel pump cut off switch. Normally, after a few seconds, the fan turns off. It was not an exceptional hot day so this was a bit unusual. There was a spray of coolant on the floor after, which look like it came from the overflow hose. I saw the check engine light come on momentarily, but after turning the key off then on, the CEL went away. Could the fan switch been stuck on the on position?

I asked him to monitor. We checked the bike and didn't see any coolant leaks.
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I Ride: 2012 1199S, 2008 Speed Triple
So the question is this: Mac WSB water/oil racing radiator or a similar system from H2O Performance. They are exactly the same price?
I'd appreciate input from anyone with experience with these units.
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