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1299 - Quick Shift/Auto-blip Issue

I have an issue with my 2015 1299. I recently bought it with 1700 miles on it. I took it out for a quick spin before I put it on my trailer and drove it a few hours back to my house. The quick spin was for about 10 miles and regular shift pattern was the setup. I don't recall any shifting issues.

Fast forward to my house, I picked up the reverse shift module and proceeded to make the modification. Here is where I ran into my first issue, and I suspect it could be the reason for my second issue, see below.

Issue 1 - Lining up the shift rod bracket on the tranny shaft. I had to do many tweaks with this, because after each test ride in my neighborhood, it straight up wouldn't quick shift. When I initially installed it on the shaft I was doing so so I could get the shift peg right where I wanted it (position of rod bracket was around the 12-o'clock position on the shaft). After the first couple adjustments and failed test rides I suspected the position of the bracket was critical to make it shift properly, so I rotated it on the splines so it's at around the 2-o'clock position and that seemed to have worked...until I took it out for an actual ride. Onto issue 2.

Issue 2 - If I'm WOT and quick shifting from 5th to 6th, sometimes I get a pretty big delay in the shift. Not quite a full second, but enough to lurch me forward on the bike because it loses all forward acceleration for the moment the throttle is cut. It's pretty dangerous, I almost ate my windscreen because I wasn't expecting it. Let's just say it's not anywhere near "quick." Also, auto-blipping down from 6th to 5th is not always guaranteed. Often, I have to try it twice to get it to take.

My question to those with more knowledge is, is the position of the shift rod bracket relative to the tranny shaft THAT critical to get smoother shifts? From 1 to 4 and 5 down to 1, everything seems to be working as expected. It's the highest gears when I experience the issues. Below is a pic of where the shift rod adapter is on the shaft, and then the other end, where I have ZERO room for adjustment left on the rod. The way it is now isn't the most comfy for shifting but it works. I have to really lift my foot up to downshift. Note that I turned the push/pull sensor upside down to clear the "frame."

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I have had an issue before with it getting stuck between 4 and 5 at WOT before and it is a bit scary when not expecting it. I got rear ended on the track before when it did it. Bent my rear rim and broke my foot peg but was able to keep the bike up right. I had the dealer hook it up and they said the had it "re-learn the gears" It hasn't happened since and hopefully it fixed it.
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I had the dealer fit the gp shift kit and he had to reset the gears too. Also if you have any sponginous in the clutch then the quickshifter doesn't work well, I notice this towards the end of a hot day at the track, 6th is hard to click into. Pump the clutch a few times and it seems to help. And lastly, any slight, and I mean slight, let off of the throttle doesn't allow the quickshifter to engage, and hence change up, the ECU thinks you are slowing down so doesn't allow it to change. Seems to me that the quickshifter works well when you pin it in full bore and click through all the way to 6th.

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