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Notinregs Sep 8th 2018 10:40 AM

First oil leak now coolant leak
2012 1199 with 16000 miles (15000 service complete). I've had an oil leak for a few months now, I am not very mechanically inclined and am having difficulty figuring out where it is from. From my research it appears cylinder head leaks are common as well as oil leaking from the airbox to crack case funnels. Result after a hard ride is about a quarter size drop on the left side by kick stand.

During troubleshooting I noticed my oil was way overfilled, and I read a thread on here saying that could cause problems. I drained until between lines but there is still a leak. Yesterday the coolant leak happened and once again I can't see of any obvious place that it is coming from. I just cleaned the bike off and plan to run it to try and further identify anything. I have posted some pictures of what I can see with the fairings off. This is all from the left side, there is no evidence of anything on the right side.

1. Is removing the tank the only way to view the vertical cylinder head?
2. Is the airbox to crack case funnel the one in the first photo with the clamp?

Thanks for any and all help!




JackAttack Sep 8th 2018 07:15 PM

Is there anyway for you to post the pictures normally? The links don't seem to be working for me.


Notinregs Sep 9th 2018 06:41 AM




JackAttack Sep 9th 2018 08:59 AM

Can't tell from the 2nd and 3rd pics but the first definitely looks like the spot i was leaking from. The airbox fix did the trick for me, I'd check to see if you're dealer will cover it.


Zelnik Sep 9th 2018 09:42 AM

Oil leak,take off the tank and have a look inside the airbox and clean up the mess. Also check the clamps. (And dont overfill next time)
If it leaks around the head covers just change the gaskets. I did use the ones from Athena,dont know if its the same as Ducati uses but they work great,i didnt need sealant. To access the front cylinder radiator has to be removed.

Coolant leak,check your clamps and tighten them.

Notinregs Sep 11th 2018 01:10 PM

Thanks for the info! I will look into this deeper if she survives the hurricane haha

JackAttack Sep 11th 2018 01:13 PM


Originally Posted by Notinregs (Post 316298)
Thanks for the info! I will look into this deeper if she survives the hurricane haha

O sheeeeet, good luck down there!


Notinregs Sep 19th 2018 05:55 PM

Survived the flood, yay. Got some time to take the tank off and was able to identify some things.

1. Oil and coolant residue in the airbox.
2. Airbox draining tube under airbox not clamped at all (see picture 1).
3. Vertical cylinder head looks clean. As does horizontal from what I can see.

A couple questions about the road ahead.

1. How does oil and coolant get into the airbox?
2. Jack, does the bottom of airbox kit replace that airbox draining tube clamp? I'm going to the dealership tomorrow to talk to them about it but would like to be as informed as possible before hand.
3. There is another tube coming from the airbox (Shop manual calls this "pipe to crank case") that appears lose (red circle picture 2). I am assuming this is connected to circle red in picture 3 which is a vent of some sort. Is this a breather for the crank case?
4. As far as the coolant leak is concerned I am a little lost as to where to check. I checked the two hoses running from the radiator to the water distributor. Appeared to be coolant residue on bottom hose clamp by distributor but hose seemed firmly connected. What other clamps should I be checking?

Thanks everyone for your time! Hopefully I will get a track day in before winter!




JackAttack Sep 19th 2018 06:16 PM

I wish I could give you more info but honestly I knew I had the leak so I just took it to the dealership and they made the fix under warranty. I never was told as to what the airbox fix did but i can 100% say that it solved the problem. That tube clamp you circled in red was exactly where my oil was coming from. Either leaking down the tube of coming out of the bottom near the clamp.

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Nathanhu Sep 19th 2018 07:49 PM

the coolant leak in the first picture here, is the seal on the water pump is letting a small drop past. this usually happens after the motor is switched off when hot (as my dealer informs me) and a small modification from ducati was available to fit a small connector and then a black pipe to prevent pooling on the motor cases

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