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I Ride: '18 V4 "S" '12 1199 Tricolore '09 Xerox 848 '03 1100XX '09 Repsol 1000RR 50th Anv

I'm thinking of 2 options for my V4 "S" which one would be the best way to go it is long term as I emptied the coffers a fair bit buying my V4 "S" & my wifes Supersport "S" at the same time.

I have looked at the vids on BST carbon rims with ceramic bearings and the feedback I have had at a dealer was;
A) The were unsure of the bearings as a trustworthy addition!
B) The 3-spoke aluminium alloy rims on the "S" & Speciale there is not much to be gained by the CF rims they retail here for @$5,500.oo/Au.
It equates to a rolling mass saving of @500g they said, I did hold a rear alloy rim off another V4 "S" and was surprised as to how light it was.

The other part was going for the Termignoni slip ons which are $3,240.oo/Au
It is minimal fit not like a full system and apparently adds some 10Hp to the bike. It does not worry me they are not asyimetrical either side.
Only draw back is the noise as when you wind it on the Police will hear me miles away, as I have heard a V4 with the full Akro's system on was LOUD..!

So what would you consider the better option as I can only really get the one or the other and its gunna take a while.
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All are great options except the ceramic bearings!! I’m telling you from my last 10 years of club racing that they are not needed..The exhaust will give you better throttle response with the right tune and even bump HP!! The lighter wheels with definitely make a difference with how the bike turns and acts while on the brakes.. Best of luck choosing..
Thanks from Cinders
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Hi Cinders,

I have recently just fitted a full exhaust system to my Panigale 1299S and I’m sure am glad I did. The exhaust note is just so intoxicating to the point where I just can’t wait to ride the bike again.

With the light weight wheels on the Panigale 1299S I have never felt as though the mass of the wheels are holding me back on the bike.

I see that you are concerned with police paying attention to your bike regarding the noise level. I too live in the Southwest of Australia, beautiful part of the world it is, however my other bike is a 2006 zx10r which has a full exhaust system and that thing is freaking loud and awesome.

I have been pulled over by the police on the zx10r, I thought it was because of the exhaust but rather the issue had been that the registration needed to be paid and I was five kilometres over the speed limit. The police men walked around the bike admiring it while I paid the rego over the phone with my credit card. Once that was done, they complimented the bike told me to ride safe.

I sat there thinking, ‘okay, I need to take off with the least revs as possible’. ��

Should I see a patrol car approaching I will shift to a higher gear and roll off a bit on the throttle to quieten the bike, seems to work. I can honestly say I have never had an issue with my full exhaust system and the police.
Thanks from Cinders
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From: Southwest Western Australia

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I Ride: '18 V4 "S" '12 1199 Tricolore '09 Xerox 848 '03 1100XX '09 Repsol 1000RR 50th Anv
Years ago I got done for excessive noise with my Z-900 with a Walker 4-1 I had fitted, I was only 19 with a part time job the fines/points curtailed allot of things.
I actually had to refit the 4-4's go back get the sticker removed then go back home & refit the 4-1's apparently they contravened the ADR-28 law.

At the end of it all as it was a bad week that one losing 11 points the chap said if I had lost 1 more point I could have come to the policemans ball what a Wnkr........!
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