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youngR Sep 7th 2015 11:57 PM

Pictures Released: New Monster 1200 R
"The most powerful Ducati naked ever is almost here: a more powerful engine, a sportier chassis and an advanced design"


BigBoost Sep 8th 2015 04:10 AM

Is this real? No other info?

youngR Sep 8th 2015 04:13 AM

It's real. Apparently, they will reveal in middle late September.

Claymore Sep 8th 2015 04:18 AM

Its going to race in the WSMBK series, therefore the "R" moniker. :cool:

TankSlapper Sep 8th 2015 05:22 AM

I hope I don't regret buying a super Duke instead of waiting for this beast :/

Phl Sep 8th 2015 05:39 AM

hmmmm, nice!

DynastySS Sep 8th 2015 05:48 AM

I was really hoping for a 1299 streetfighter that was rumored in September, but I guess this is it?

duckyduc Sep 8th 2015 08:00 AM

this makes more sense than a naked Pani, since they already have a good platform for the naked bike, plus it will take advantage of the update that makes in more streetable such as the variable valve timer, hope it looks good too

b9009b Sep 8th 2015 08:09 AM

I wonder if it will have up/down qs and all the pani electronics. Like WC etc.. Very interesting..

Claymore Sep 8th 2015 08:10 AM

Ducati Monster 1200 R teaser

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