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SingleSided Sep 21st 2017 10:18 PM

Almost Died
Hey be careful out there! I was riding my Hypermotard 939 on Sunday and almost was my last ride.

thewoot Sep 21st 2017 10:39 PM

Wow, glad you made it out ok on that one man! That's crazy scary!

double0 Sep 21st 2017 10:58 PM

I had that exact same thing happen to me a couple of years back but i was in my car. One of those A-team vans blew out a tire n lost control on the freeway n swerved right into my lane on the far right. Luckily, I was far enough back that I slammed on the brakes as he continued to drift towards the shoulder n then slammed into the wall. It was scary for sure but yours would have left me in need of some new undies. Wow!

Calderara di Reno Sep 21st 2017 11:03 PM

Go buy a lottery ticket !!!!!

Johnnyflies Sep 21st 2017 11:25 PM

Phew. Thank god it missed you. What the hell was he/she doing ??

Must have been gawping at your sexy hyper!! [emoji106][emoji79]

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royal Sep 22nd 2017 04:10 AM

Ooof I was expecting something thrown out of a window. That was heavy.

Todd H Sep 22nd 2017 05:15 AM

that is all

NW1299 Sep 22nd 2017 06:30 AM

How he fuck do people crash like this going down the highway?

VAST Sep 22nd 2017 07:26 AM

sphincter puckering horror-show.

is the risk/reward of street riding really worth it?

SingleSided Sep 22nd 2017 07:45 AM


Originally Posted by Calderara di Reno (Post 292687)
Go buy a lottery ticket !!!!!

I bought 3 that day!

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