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Easy Tire Changer?

Hey guys,
Anyone have experience changing their own tires on carbon wheels?
I really want to give a go at changing my own tires but of course, don't want to damage or mar my beautiful BST carbon wheels.
I see some machines out there such as the No-Mar tire changer that looks pretty slick and is easy on carbon but it's large and bulky just as tire changers are.
However, after looking around a little, I found this little gem. If I had regular wheels I would buy this without hesitation but I'm torn. The idea is fantastic, folds flat against the wall, also can be used as a balancer, ease of use. What do you guys think? Called the TirX Tire Changer.

TiRx Motorcycle Tire Changer | TiRx Moto
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I use a NoMar tire changer for my BST's. Better safe than sorry
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I use no-mar as well. Yes, it is bulky and takes up quite a bit of space. But works very well.

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looks like a pain in the arse.
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Old Jan 30th 2018, 06:37 AM   #5
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haha, yea changing a tire in general looks like a PITA. But I didn't see this TIRX machine looking any worse than the normal style. In fact, it looks like it takes less physical force from yourself and doesn't require any locking to the rim. Plus it has that added bonus of being a static balancer as well.
Was really hoping someone had tried it. My main reason for looking at this one vs the no-mar is that my garage is tiny. Getting a no-mar would literally take up all the free room.
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Don't risk it with BST wheels use a dealer with a specialist (Bike experienced) tyre fitter
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Whomever or whatever you use make sure the hook (part of tire machine that touches rim) has some sort of nylon or plastic guard. My Hoffman came with replaceable attatchments that stop the metal hook from making contact with the rim, thus gouging it. Most trackside shops don't use them. It's a shame as these guards only cost $20 for a pack of 4.
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I learned a few tricks using the no-mar and also spoons for the dirty bike:

Hot tires are changed easier

There is no such thing as too much lube

Seated beads go over the rim very easily, when the opposite side is deep in the center of the rim

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I've been changing my own motorcycles for about 22 years.

Started with a Coats 220 manual changer, used that for about 15 years.

I've also used the NoMar Professional a few times, so I'm familiar with changing tires on manual changers.

I sold my Coats 220 and bought a pneumatic changer and love it.

The one in your post is a novel concept if you are short on space.

The demonstration makes it look easy and that's helped tremendously by that fact he is using brand new supple tires in the demonstration of both removing and installation.

The bead breaker, although a novel way to do it, I've had tires that when most of the tread has worn off, would almost collapse on themselves and the bead would not pop off. Again his demonstration works well on a brand new tires, look at the nibs.

Also, as the axle is used to hold the wheel in place, you'll need aaa adapter for a single sided rear wheel, don't see that as an option on his site, but I'm sure he'll get to that.

If I was super tight on garage space, I'd probably go with this over the harbor freight unit, but I'd probably still opt for a Coats or NoMar and find space for it.
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Old Feb 28th 2018, 04:32 PM   #10
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So against your guys' better judgment, I wound up buying the TiRx wall mounted tire changer. I actually had a phone call with the owner to discuss my concerns and he convinced me. I'm sooo glad I bought it, this little thing is amazing, everyone with a bike should have one. It makes changing tires even as a novice a snap. I was able to remove two Pirellis I used last season and pop on some fresh ones to the carbon rims. Absolutely no damage, no metal touches the wheel at all. I Def feel like the price for it is a little too high but if this guy can get it down, its sure to be a hit. I wish I had $$, would totally invest in this thing out something. Anyway, will totally vouch for it, so if anyone has any questions about it, just let me know.

Thanks from Phl, JonT and 990Glen
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