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I Ride: 2019 Ducati Panigale V4 Speciale #1184
1299 FE or V4 Speciale

This has been a hellish 12 months. Last year at this time I had 5 bikes in the garage when I got the news I needed knee replacement. Major complications and 5 surgeries later I'm back on my feet. However my therapist told me after the first 2 surgeries I'd never ride again. The issue is with flexion in my knee. Since the last surgery I've really progressed. I'm at 125 degrees of flexion, so I'm close to where I need to be to be able to ride again. I'm 6'4" so even if I'm able to get to 135 degrees I won't be but so comfortable. That aside I'm going to ride again. All of my bikes were sold because for 8 months I couldn't bend the knee more than 85 degrees.

Now I'm looking again. I know the V4 and V2 are totally different. I won't be doing track anymore so I don't need the latest and greatest. I've seen a few V4 Speciale's for sale, and a couple of 1299 FE's. Obviously I can save a few bucks on the 1299. Those the have ridden both I'd be curious on your thoughts especially if your fairly tall. I've seen a video on Youtube that compares both bikes. Is the V4 just that much better? Thank you.

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I haven't ridden either of those bikes, but certainly glad you're able to bet back in the saddle!
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Yes shame you won't be tracking anymore, you seem to be giving that Pani a rite spanking.
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I Ride: '18 V4 "S" '12 1199 Tricolore '09 Xerox 848 '03 1100XX '09 Repsol 1000RR 50th Anv
I am only new to Ducati's and have not ridden a 1299 but from my dealer friend of some 30 years the 1299 are quiet the handfull.
For you as an experienced track rider you will handle the power the 1299 produces as from what my friend said you need your A game.

I have an 848 thats had mods and been dyno'ed at 136.5RWHP it is a fun bike but not a candle to my V4 "S".
Don't be fooled the V4 is an angry bike in Sport or Race with Dynamic power delivery selected it has got serious grunt although down some 20Nm torque from the 1299.
V4 in standard trim 124Nm 1299 144Nm it would be a close run thing but the power delivery on the V4 is very linear.
With the V4 after about 8 grand on the tacho is really rocks on and your better to change at 13,500 rather than 14,500 as max power is at 13,000 for the V4.
Yes others bang on about recalls and all the other guff but I think the V4 is a good effort as a first real full on 4 cyl from Ducati (Not withstanding the special Desmosidici.)
I have no plans to update my V4 for a later version as somewhere along the lines they seem to castrate them from the first model. Go the "S" model as there are so many settings for the electronic suspension you will never run out of options.

So I can only comment from the V4 side others that have had both may better assist you but based on what my friend said I would go V4 2019 model.
I think the riding position on the V4 is not as cramped as the 1299 which in your case a better option ergonomically if your going on long hauls.
I am glad your on the mend and looking into joining the fray on two wheels again.
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Originally Posted by Cinders View Post
I have no plans to update my V4 for a later version as somewhere along the lines they seem to castrate them from the first model.
Expound on that, will you? I understand every superbike revision Ducati has released has been somewhat docile compared to its predecessors, but most of that has to do with torque and torque delivery. The 1198 was violent at best, 1199 was a clear upgrade in every way, albeit less mean. The 1299 brought with it more torque, but some have said it's more composed. The V4 sould be another clear evolution despite lower torque numbers.
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Go with the V4. You will more than likely like it better !!!
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I Ride: '18 V4 "S" '12 1199 Tricolore '09 Xerox 848 '03 1100XX '09 Repsol 1000RR 50th Anv
Should have clarified that sentence sorry I meant I wont be trading my 2018 V4 "S" on a 2019 V4 model. As for the updates it will go in when I see the recalls come up after checking the Ducati recall page.

This Euro 4 thing seems to be creating havoc on the manufacturers getting the horses out whilst maintaining emission standards.
Goodness me some of those exhaust cans look like they robbed them of a Kenworth cab over prime mover! Like is on the 2019 Jixer 1000R & Honda's 2019 Fireblade
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Old Dec 19th 2018, 11:47 PM   #8
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If exhaust sound is important, I know the 1299FE under tail exhaust is noticeably quieter than a standard underbody exhaust. Heard one the other day, looks different, sounded too quiet for a ducati.
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Old Dec 20th 2018, 05:09 AM   #9
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Glad you're back!

Cant say which one since I havent ridden V4. Cant go wrong with whichever. As much as I like V2, V4 may easier to ride around? I guess you just have to sit on the new V4 to see how your knee responds.
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I Ride: 2015 Panigale R
@youngR has the idea. If you are not going full tilt the power and amenities may be irrelevant, do a test ride and see how much stress is on your knee from the riding position, and adjustable rear sets of course on your final decision.

Bad knees here from too much hard skiing in my youth and I find being static on the bike the most painful thing since my knee will "lock". If I am moving around the bike it is a lot better, so tracking at 7/10 of how you used to ride may still be in the cards.
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