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Gunny Fitz Apr 12th 2016 06:12 AM

COTA, BEin Opinions & The "Toolbag"
Im trying to get MarkNYC to tell the COTA MotoGP stories he was thankfully texting us from there, and post pics as well. I must admit that for a race lover it was a great few hours of material to DVR and then roll back thru later without commercials right? I actually thought the BEin Sports Channel was pretty well put together and thru my Verizon Fios the picture and sound was Outstanding!! Have not looked into it so maybe someone can educate me here- are they now the main channel for ALL Racing this season OR just some of the series? If so, which ones are going to be televised on BEin this year?

Now to my "Toolbag" comment. Obviously ya all know what that is, or have a pretty good idea Im sure. The issue is more personal to me than anything so I dont expect anyone to see it thru my eyes, but there is absolutely NO WAY that having Greg White call MotoAmerica races will add to anything at all to make things better for anyone- but himself! The "Inside Word" among all MA employees and commentators is that No One is happy with this decision and that Scott Russell got the shaft for reasons unknown- and unfortunately putting that bald, blabbering idiot in there now is a MAJOR slap in the face to Scott, and many others as well. :eek:

My personal issue goes WAYY back to when he used to call AMA Races, specifically the year Nicky Hayden won the AMA Superbike Title. This was the year I made top honors for Ducati Sales on the East Coast and had a red carpet for anything Ducati related, and was there inside the track getting to chat w guys like Nicky & both brothers, Miguel Duhamel, and all the old names you serious race fans knew back then! So Nicky just wins the title and is high fiving everyone in his pit crew, and gave me his knee puck while briefly chatting w me - when out of no where Greg White (with hair then) comes at us and gives me a straight arm shove knocking me over a cooler on the ground just to get his mic up to Nicky for some post race words! The OLD Gunny wouldve cleaned his clock but since I was there on behalf of Ducati and the camera was rolling it took all I had (Plus my Regional Rep) to hold myself back from tuning him up, and thus since then I have winced at his little baby voice and egotistical mentality! I even mentioned that event to him YEARS later while having lunch w Scott Russell in the Graves Yamaha tent area - which he thought nothing of interupting the conversation we were having. Even that got shrugged off saying "Oh thats when I was young and just getting into the scene" sans any apology whatsoever. :D

Soooooo, anyway, if there was a way to adust my sound system to only hear the infamous growl of our lovely V-Twins and cut out his ridiculous commentary, questions and statements "To those of you watching at home!" as he loves to say - I wish the TV would have that option! LOL. I guess I need to dive in and see if he really has the reins this year for all MotoAmerica races - unless a fellow member can tell me the deal? No doubt it was a great race weekend with all the crashes, fighting for spots (Danny Eslick & Josh Herrin (another Tool IMHO whom Im sure you all know his MotoGP Rise & Fall) LOL and would love to see pics and stories from any other members who actually went to COTA this round??

**Side Note: Will we one day be seeing our very own LJuice26 & Phil "The Mod" rise from their WERA & CCS levels to join MotoAmerica too?? :eek:
Gotta give them a shout out for doing so awesome and posting all their own race vids as well. Congrats to you both Phil & Leon!! Keep charging!

Follow them both as they represent!


**Wicked proud to see Phil ripping it up on my old SV Racebike too!

Semper Fi,


cmh210 Apr 12th 2016 06:33 AM

Gunny, I was there, but confess I have just started watching motorcycle racing again. I remember the days of Mat Mladin and Miguel Duhamel, but was too young to really take note of the politics behind the racing.

I was thinking to myself it would be awesome to see many of the members on here in MotoAmerica!

GK1199R Apr 12th 2016 06:54 AM

Hi Gunny, they will be carrying all the GP races and Moto America all season. Very exciting. Greg didn't bother me as much and I loved the addition of our Cali local Jason pridmore getting the seat time even during the GP race. We all know him well from the tracks out here. My biggest complaint was the blubbering fool who was doing all the trackside interviews. I'm sure he's a great guy but he's got to practice his line of questioning and pay attention to the riders answers. Man just needs to slow his brain down a bit. He mentioned to Josh Hayes about looking forward to Atlanta when the guy hadn't even finished Superbike race one yet! I loved how josh brought him back down to earth in the interview.

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Montfort Apr 12th 2016 07:20 AM

beINSPORTs is also covering WSB along with the GP and MotoAmerica.

Ljuice26 Apr 12th 2016 09:13 AM

Gunny always with the kind words. I remember rushing home to see Mladin dominate back then. As for MA, its not going to happen. I'm just trying to enjoy bikes and have fun. I'm too old...

Gunny Fitz Apr 12th 2016 10:58 AM

Good stuff guys thanks!
I literally cracked up a few times here! (Need to find out who that guy is GK1199R!!) anyone here know and can help us out? )

Miguel was a guy who barely spoke ESPECIALLY right before his races where literally NO ONE would talk w him and he'd sit on pit wall, totally geared up, just staring ahead in a total zone of concentration!!

Aaron Yates was always one to kick it w the fans and wander the pits saying hello to all.

IMHO here. Mladin was the biggest friggin stuck up ego freak to ever throw a leg over a bike and I've personally seen him throwing shit inside his areas yelling at his own crew LET ALONE the throw downs he's had with other racers too! Was stoked to see him leave. (Though credit must be given where due on his titles)

Larry Pegram is a decent guy too despite the corny show he had. Actually ride the track with him out in Cresson TX w the great guys from AMS / Dallas Ducati (Jeff Nash)

Roger n Nicky were always friendly n jovial to me, but Tommy was a "different breed" ;)

Some of you may know that Mark and I happen to see Josh (and All Graves racers) every year and get to really sit down and know the guy. There is NO Doubt in my military mind he is one of the most down to earth Pro you'll ever meet and is never too busy to chat, sign anything or even snap some pics with. All around awesome guy who I do stay I touch with year round- blows my mind to get a Birthday or Christmas text from a guy like that!!

Im sure you all know his wife too (right?) They live out in my favorite Marine Corps Base City of Oceanside, CA and do a lot of "Pro Bono" work for the Jarheads on Base too.

Hell - I'm sure there are many other members who know some Pros or had the chance to tell us a story or two about interaction or something funny? Bring em on guys!! :)

thewoot Apr 12th 2016 06:01 PM

I actually cut the cord a couple weeks ago and went with PS Vue and for $5 more for a few more channels including BeIn I said f it. I like watching the wsbk races and motoGP is starting off pretty crazy. But, yeah, Greg White meh

mark419ny Apr 13th 2016 07:14 AM

actully bein sport on direct tv didnt tape the damn races because it was titled to be announced. i got moto america 600 race 1 where my garrett gerloff won. great to see as i know him personally. I also got MA superbike race 2. no motogp and no world superbike.

i will write about cota shortly.

flobrandx Apr 13th 2016 11:48 AM

Yea, same issue on Comcast with the TBA. I waited till the last minute and recorded everything. Also they don't list all the races correctly for the program info to know exactly what you recording so I record everything. Nic having everything on one channel tho.

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