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Lorenzo left Yamaha because he got tired of dealing with Rossi and all the bullshit that comes with it. 3 world championships and scores of races won, and what does Yamaha do in 2015? Cancel the party for Lorenzo so as to not offend Rossi. Imagine that...you just won one of the most closely contested championships in history against your own teammate, and your team thanks you by canceling the championship party. Given the way Yamaha bent over backwards to accommodate Rossi and to try and soothe his feelings in favor of the person who had been doing the heavy lifting for them from 2010 on, I don't fault him for wanting to leave. Sure the money no doubt factored in as well since Yamaha had the gall to offer him and Rossi identical contracts in spite of Lorenzo winning more grands prix and championships since 2010. That's insane. So in his haste to get away from the toxic environment at Yamaha, he at the bare minimum cut his throat for 2017 by choosing to go to the one team that has fielded a bike for over a decade that is decidedly not conducive to riders who rely on perfectly balanced machines to achieve success. I guess it's easy to second-guess him, but I wonder even if he never wins a single race for Ducati, if it will have been worth it just for the fact that he doesn't have to deal with Yamaha's toxic bullshit environment. He made the decision he thought was best at the expense of winning races and titles just to get away from Rossi/Yamaha. That says a ton about what Yamaha really stands for. Some posters here of course think Yamaha is the perfect team environment even though nothing really indicates this. I do agree with you that he should have entertained Suzuki as another option. He still probably would have had issues, but not the seemingly insurmountable mountain he currently faces at Ducati. The only one who is going to win out here is Dovizioso strangely. But it's actually had the effect of making me a bit more appreciative of what he has done the past few years at Ducati, and his overall commitment to the team.

i did not right this but totally agree with it
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Originally Posted by mark419ny View Post
Imagine that...you just won one of the most closely contested championships in history against your own teammate,
Mark are you saying VR is still competitive?
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not at all i didnt write that piece. i agree with what the author said in it about yamaha the contracts and such.

its clear to me that rossi is hampering motogp as of now. just think if lorenzo took that bs contract Maverick would be rotting on the suzuki.

lets be honest if you are on the factory yamaha or factory honda seats you will have a shot at the title. so rossi (who isnt a slouch of a rider just wont win ) will always have a "shot" at the title just for being in the seat but as maverick has shown after one race there are other talented guys that can and will win in a factory seat. lets see the talent. rossi won how many races last year i think 2. maverick already has one lol.

this goes for pedrosa too although i dont think any of the other satalite honda riders can do any better than pedorsa is doing. However if stoner would have stayed at honda marc was coming so pedorsa was the odd man out and would have been gone from repsol.
on the other hand yamaha could have helped itself and the championship by signing maverick anyway and keeping JLO. the fact that yamaha didnt even consider signing maverick till after jorge turned down their offer is crazy. they could have got maverick for less than they are paying 46 and had a way better team
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^^^ Very good points Mark.^^^
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One race a season does not make. That was a crap track under crappy conditions all weekend long. Props to all MotoGP and WSBK pilots and what they do out there for our entertainment.
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Dear Carmelo,

We need to do that over again. Did you see the putas cheating? All the putas were cheating. Everyone of them!

That Iannone puta, he is the worst. He jumped the start like a scared bitch and I say to myself, “George, you cannot just let that go. This is Sparta!”

So I give him a little nudge in Turn One so he would know I knew he was cheating, and then because he has no respect, his telemetry locked my frontal butter and I fell.

But the race had not really started. Not properly. Everyone knows at this level that we first have a few laps to settle down and find the rhythm.

Nobody is allowed to pass anyone for the first lap at least and then after maybe take it easy and let the tyres find the correct temperature.

This is like a rule everyone knows. But only I follow it!

So then we have an agreement, Carmelo. We will not count this Argentina race and Dorna must disqualify everyone. Everything starts from Texas!

Oh, I think you maybe send Doctor Costa to see Gigi. He has crawled into the wheel-well of my motorhome and I can hear him breathing, but I cannot see him.


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Old Apr 9th 2017, 01:30 PM   #27
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Another good one Rogue. Stole it.
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OK enough of the BS, give someone else a chance to ride this bike.... Rossi and Lorenzo both have one thing in common (God Forbid) they both can only be competitive on the best bike on the grid..

Lorenzo to Honda in 2018 and he wins the title.
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I mean, look at what Pirro did...
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When your temper outweighs your talent:

Thanks from Rogue and Twistedracer
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dear, george

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