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mark419ny Mar 24th 2017 06:27 AM

rossi already crying
"For me, what I suffer, more than the bike, is the front tyre from Michelin. Because they follow a softer way, especially about the casing but also about the rubber, and I lose feeling." VR

got that dorna. rossi is giving you the sos coded message

Last year tires were withdraw mysteriously. But hey, tires are just these round black things that everyone gets in equal measure, right? Like say, shoes. Everybody gets the SAME size shoes... So what's the problem?

Twistedracer Mar 24th 2017 07:14 AM

I figured it out Mark. You're secretly Rossi's biggest fan. Why else would you hang on his every word? You don't give any of the other riders this much attention and energy. Your secret is out Mark.

You LUV him.


Prince Albert Mar 24th 2017 08:25 AM


rrgermanlv Mar 24th 2017 09:38 AM


mark419ny Mar 24th 2017 09:50 AM

can you prove what i said is wrong. did rossi not complain last year and the tires he didnt like disappear?

mark419ny Mar 24th 2017 09:53 AM

i also love all these new people that join just to go against what i say about rossi.
you guys notice how many new commentators join because of me. guys with a few posts but only on the rossi threads. those are the ones i love they text each other hey quick ducati1299 forum someone bashing our hero. welcome to you guys

Twistedracer Mar 24th 2017 10:03 AM

You love him, admit it :D


749dark Mar 24th 2017 11:40 AM

Rossi is undoubtedly an amazingly talented athlete however his time in the sun has come and gone. The next generation are here.

Sure he may win the occasional race here and there however I think he has no hope of getting another title. The competition is so strong.

The Rossi fanboy's will disagree. Each to their own I guess.

mark419ny Mar 24th 2017 12:19 PM


Originally Posted by Twistedracer (Post 276239)

i love you twisted racer

rrgermanlv Mar 26th 2017 11:29 AM

Who's crying now!???

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