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Snk1199 Sep 19th 2017 05:10 AM

Portimao Superstock race result
I wonder if I am the only one in the motorcycling community who finds it ridiculous:
The STK1000 race was red flagged due to technical issues for Marino spoiling the track with oil. As 3/4 race distance had been completed the riders got ranked based on the last completed lap, since which Marino even lost a place. So the rider who was unable to complete the official race distance (and in my ranking should have been a DNF) actually benefited from a technical error:confused:
Why not pull a string to inject oil in the exhaust as soon as minimum distance has been run and you are under pressure?:mad:
The SSP600 race at Lausitzring also had a red flag end with less than 100% fair results...
Is anybody apart from myself questioning the correctness/fairness of the rules? I mean at the organizators' or teams' level?

centeroff Sep 19th 2017 08:45 AM

Benefiting from ones own red flag is wrong, WSBK is in trouble,and with WWE/NASCAR rules like that it's no wonder.

shakazulu12 Sep 19th 2017 10:41 AM

I haven't been able to watch this round yet. That seems odd. Most other series, if you cause the red you are out of the results .

Cosmik de Bris Sep 19th 2017 04:25 PM

Yes it seems wrong, a similar thing happened here in last years local Superbike series and the legal battle continues.


centeroff Sep 19th 2017 04:58 PM

On a happier note the ss300 race was a barn burner, hats off to Anna Carrasco, that little girl has BALLS. Her and Shana Texter are re writing history, both of those girls are in there rooting and gouging with the boys, and winning.

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