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Originally Posted by jarelj View Post
+1 for going to a DOT race tire for your intended use. I'm not intending to poo-poo Dunlop with any malice, we sell Dunlop street tires in our store and they're great tires for the street. But as a track day provider, I can unequivocally say that I've seen more "Intermediate level" track day crashes on Dunlop Q3's than any other tire, by a huge margin. Part of that is because a lot of people seem to show up at the track with them I'm sure. But quite often when we have a rider who's getting faster and starting to push into what I would consider a high Intermediate or early Advanced pace on Q3's it ends in the weeds. I have not personally ran them myself so can't comment on feel, but just anecdotally I'd say they don't provide good feedback when they're about to let go. The motorcycle media loves those tires and they get great reviews by the testers, etc. But anytime someone asks me for tire advice for a track-only or nearly track-only bike, I'm going to say DOT is absolutely the way to go. The new Bridgestone R11 is awesome, that's what I'm running myself this year and I love them for both grip and life. At a track day pace without a lot of load on them they still have good grip, and at race pace they're darn near as good as the Pirelli Supercorsa SC's. Another option to consider is the Pirelli Supercorsa SP, although not a true DOT race tire it does have the best grip of any "street" tire hands-down, at the expense of somewhat lower life. The Michelin Evo tires seem really good from what I've seen also.

One thing to consider that is not always intuitive is that a tire that has "good" but not "great" grip and feel at the limits of traction will actually be safer in the hands of an expert rider than an intermediate-level rider. Put a Moto America pro on a set of Q3's and he can make the tire squirm and slide and keep the bike upright because he has really precise feel for what the bike is doing. An intermediate level rider does not, and is much more likely to bin it. Put that rider on a good DOT race tire that provides a lot of feedback and feel for the limits of traction and they're much more likely to save it in situations that otherwise would have been a biff. The common notion is "I'm not going fast enough to need the grip of a race tire, so I'll just get faster on these tires until I need the grip and then I'll go to a DOT". IMO that is the opposite way to think about it, you need the grip even more while you're learning to go fast. If I can write tire prescriptions as Dr. Race Tire, I always put a new rider on a forgiving DOT race tire like the R11. I won't put them on slicks at that point normally since the DOT's are more forgiving of lighter loads and temps.

You brought a great theory into my thoughts about a tire. I would say I am riding at a high intermediate pace now. I have to agree the Q3 did not give me very good feedback. In my original post I felt like the bike snapped out of place. After doing some research I found many have found the same thing. I have also read that a bike with race rubber will feel more predictable when spinning on a race spec tire or track focused tire.
I have also heard really good things about the Q4's and the tire gives great feedback. I have also had heard many say that the Q4's are very much like the SP's. Thank you for your feedback and advice.
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Originally Posted by 1299rFE View Post
I figured to give these tires a go, if I can't get the grip I am looking for then yes, the DOT is where I will go next. I am primarily a track rider now. I rarely run the bike on the street. Next season I am going race plastics and wiring the bike to prep it for track duty.
What do you mean calibrate for tire circumference? Is there a program on my bike I am not aware of ?
Sorry, on your bike there isnít a setting. I skimmed over it and thought of my bike.

Grip is a function of a lot of things including tires, pressures, temperatures, suspension and riding style. You could probably get more out of the street/track tire but for similar price just go with a DOT tire in your favorite flavor.
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A couple of years ago, I did the Ducati Revs America at COTA. Jason Pridmores Start school was the host. The school brought a bunch of 1199's and 859's to the track, all equipped with Q3's. We also had a couple od Dunlop Tire Tech's at the event who gave us a presentation on the Q3's. They stated that the side grip compound was the same as used on the GPA's.

Up until this I had pretty much run Race DOT's or slicks on my track bikes for the past 12+ years, mostly Pirelli's SC1 and SC2 and Dunlops GPA's.

After watching the instructors and guest instructors (Josh Hayes), circulate COTA on the Q3's, I was well impressed.

I run A group and ran the Q3's for the times time at a track day last year. I was very impressed. I had no moments, something I could get on a regulat=r basic on the OEM SP's. I didn't use tire warmers and sacrificed a little fun on the first lap.

I've run the Q3's on the street on my 1299 and my Tuono and again had no scary moments.

I'm still on the fence between Q3 and race DOT's for track use

This was the 5th session for me at this track, running the Q3's, so I was running in the Intermediate group with my buddies (observing the passing rules)..
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For what it is worth,

These tires offer magnificent grip for about 1.5 days. After that the traction light starts to come on a lot. I went to a new track to me, so I was not pushing the tires as hard as I would on a track I had been familiar with. I consider myself a top of the pack A rider for track day events. That does not mean anything when it comes to mixing into the race groups btw. There I am a slower to mid pack amateur rider.

2nd day we had wet track conditions for the first two sessions. I did get the rear tire to push out a bit, then I slowed my corner entry after. The tire does not have wet grooves on the last two inches of the tire and is almost like a slick. For rain conditions I would go with a Q3 or a rain tire.

If you can get a good deal on these tires I would run them consistently
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