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mark419ny Mar 1st 2013 03:53 PM

damn these guys will be tough to beat
pedrosa and marquez are going to be tough. i am a big marquez fan i think he has an amazing amount of talent and pedrosa was a crash away from possibly winning last year. they have to be the team to beat.

i hope spies can bring something to ducati . anyway enjoy the video

Watch Dani Pedrosa & Marc Marquez Lap at Sepang

Capt CF Mar 1st 2013 04:30 PM

I'll pull for anybody that isn't Lorenzo. I could live with Dani coming out on top this year, but would love to see Dovi, Spies, Marquez or Rossi pull it out. Let's hope we can actually watch it in the states instead of this streaming crap... :)

fireman1251 Mar 1st 2013 04:36 PM

Dani's one of my favourites, too, no matter what brand he rides. Marquez seems to be the shit, though.

mark419ny Mar 1st 2013 06:19 PM

marquez is 19 and doesnt give a shit about anything. thats why he is my favorite racer since stoner left. he was aggressive and dominant in moto 2 last year hopefully he will do the same this year.

CAPT my moto is ABR = anybody but rossi. i actually didnt root for him when he was on the ducati.

really pulling for spies.

ducati46cliff Mar 2nd 2013 09:26 AM

Please Mark49NY, a little respect for Rossi... Nobody in the field can say they won 9 World Champion titels...

Its true, Stoner was the best ON Ducati, but he left, couldn't deal with the stress of being the best...

And Rossi have still so much hunger, on last test in Sepang he had the most laps of al the moto gp racers...

Huge Ducati and Rossi fan

mark419ny Mar 2nd 2013 08:54 PM

give rossi respect will never happen. Product of the best machines and teams money can buy. Only give respect for what he has done for the sport in terms of marketing.

Simple question its your team you own ducati right now or any other bike team for that matter you can have your pick stoner or rossi who you take?
if you say rossi just stay with your 46 pajamas and keep drinking the cool aid. if i have to start backing my position i sure will.
until then enjoy this
Rossi vs Stoner Jerez 2011 on Vimeo

ducati46cliff Mar 3rd 2013 06:21 AM

I would pick Rossi and Stoner, great team I think, don't you?

MacaveliMC Mar 3rd 2013 09:53 AM


Originally Posted by mark419ny (Post 56983)
give rossi respect will never happen. Product of the best machines and teams money can buy.

Anyone who knows the history of Rossi in MotoGP knows this is more or less a load of crap. Rossi started dominating on Honda, and everyone said it was the bike not the rider. He purposely moved to Yamaha, which was struggling at the time, to prove it was him and not the machine, which he did immediately and without a doubt.

That being said, no matter how good a rider is, they can't win on a bike that's not improving as well. Rossi knows how to develop a bike and that's what he did at Yamaha. He left Ducati because they couldn't work with him.

You can point to Stoner's single success on Ducati all u want, but you'll always have Rossi's 9 GP champsionships (7 in the premier class alone) slapping you in the face. You don't get that simply by having the best bike. Put any one of us on the best bike and we'll be lucky to beat a CRT bike.

kope999R Mar 3rd 2013 09:53 AM

marquez should
get in there pritty quick.. last year he was astouding especially in the last laps where he rode like Jorge clock work when all the rest were all over the place.. he's done things last year that only Senna has done..

Looking at the fight he put up last year, it would be great to see him win...
in regards to last year. He did get close but Jorge had peace of mind and had something left up his sleeve i think .. he did not have to go all the way.. although his miralous save in the rain was dam close...

as to ducati... don't see it happen... not hits year.. this year wsbk is the place where they could shine.. not GP..

emem Mar 3rd 2013 11:55 PM


Originally Posted by MacaveliMC (Post 57061)
...He purposely moved to Yamaha, which was struggling at the time, to prove it was him and not the machine, which he did immediately and without a doubt...

Actually, it's been said (I think even by Burgess) that the Yamaha wasn't far off the Honda at the time in terms of development and setup, so his feat wasn't miraculous. Still impressive though, no doubt.

Marquez is impressive and actually has had a very similar path to MotoGP as Rossi did all those years ago. However, I wonder if Rossi's admiration will continue after Marquez bumps and bashes him off the circuit (much in the same way he did to other competitors over the years). Marquez doesn't give a F which is what you need to be fast but he'll need to settle down at some point and be more calculating, otherwise he's going to be taking everyone out.

Is anyone really serious thinking poor ol' Ben can really do something on the Ducati? Ben is brilliant, he just needs the right package for him that suits his style with people surrounding him that are supportive. I'm hoping Suzuki pick him up when they return.

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