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Old Mar 13th 2013, 08:03 PM   #1
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Would you track your Pani if it wasn't insured on the track?

Here's the wording:

Exclusion 16 is replaced as follows: 16. To Bodily injury or property damage losses in excess of the minimum financial responsibility requirements, sustained while your motorcycle is used in, or in preparation or practice for: a) Any hill climbing exhibition; b) Any racing, speed contest, or stunting activity of any nature; c) Use in any competitive riding or use on a race track or race course unless participating in a motorcycle safety
course meeting the standards established by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

Knowing this, would you put your Pani on the track?
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Yes, just have to trailer it roadside if you have a mishap on the track
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This is consistent with most, unless you ask for a rider that covers racing/track. But, you will pay for that.
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Old Mar 14th 2013, 03:01 AM   #4
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If what I've heard is correct......a track day is a "learning/safety course". Unlike if you go CCS. Anyone know about this?
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Yes, I have and will again.

None of my road bikes have ever been covered on the track, but I learned the hard way NEVER EVER LOAN YOUR BIKE TO A MATE AT THE TRACK no matter how well they ride!

I had an 03 GSXR 1000 that was destroyed at turn 4 Eastern Creek and it was only 4 months old, an expensive lesson (20 grand) not to mention the strain on a friendship.

Don't lend your bike at the track!

Ride within your limits if you can't afford to fix it!
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Old Mar 14th 2013, 03:17 AM   #6
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If I'm on the track, I want to push myself and the bike to the limit and sometimes that means overstepping the mark.

No way am I taking my (when I get it!) Panigale on the track as here in Australia, it isn't insured for circuit use - at least I've never come across a policy that does.

If I wanted to ride track days, I'd buy a 600 for a few grand and push it to its limits never fearing I could be watching $33k tumble down the road.

@Zaster That's an oldie that insurance companies know all about. First place they'll call are track day operators. Ignore if you were being sarcastic!

@Cobra700 If we do a course such as the California Superbike School (I'm sure you were referring to) here in Australia, most insurance companies will cover you for that particular day (advanced riding/driving courses are seen as a positive, in this instance), so I'm not sure if you have it back-to-front or whether things are different in sunny Florida.
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mate check the details on the cover. I think you'll find that insurance companies will only cover the first level of any course and not advanced or performance based even advanced braking courses!

That's been my experience in Australia
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A girl I know years ago wrecked her Porsche 928 at a drivers event (not covered undeer her policy), towed it to a country road outside of town, and put in her claim - they paid.
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Old Mar 14th 2013, 05:15 AM   #9
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Yes, I have tracked my non-insured bikes. It's part of the risk you take.

I believe my current insurance policy (foremost) covers track as long as its not racing. Haven't ever made a claim on the policy as its probably a one shot or not too many shots against it type of policy. Think about it - if they insure you, if you make a major claim even one time against the policy, they'll drop you on the second one after already jacking your rates up.

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I only have theft coverage on mine, it's a track bike and I accept the risks associated with having to come out of pocket for repairs if I crash it.
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