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my last and only time i ran with N2 (they were the only ones providing a trackday at road atlanta around that time) there was sooo much going on. i was surprised that not more happened.

okay, i might be a little biased, as they just missed and missed and missed to bump me into advanced, although already promised after my 2nd session where i happened to run faster than a control rider who also races AMA and other groups as expert ...

running in intermediate with them is , excuse my french, a big clusterfuck.
the control riders don't help much there, the system makes it even worse as they only permit passing them on their left, after being waved by by them. that leads to people piling up before turns, so faster riders don't have a chance to pass the squids by braking late, because there's tons of them all over the place ... so you end up passing people on the gas, guess what, that's where the squids are good at. but you have to be waved by, right?

i tried to find a good race line on the SV but ended up riding the 1199 all day, just because of the power.

in one of the later sessions a CR went out first, then a rider behind him, then me. well the CR seemed to need to set the pace already in the first lap, i was wondering how the other rider (obviously learning) would keep up... didn't last too long, in turn 6 he lowsided...

after this trackday, it was confirmed again to me, that racing in a dedicated class for the bike is way safer to get around a track, where you know what everyone is doing. yes, there's competition, but then again, people know what they are doing. also, they taught us in race school, when you crash, if it's your fault or not, you seek the others affected by it and apologize.

again, happy to hear you're alright, best is to write it off, wash it off forget about it...
and learn your lesson.

see you soon on the 1199
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Originally Posted by MrKO View Post
Well as a few of you guys know. I ended up getting a new GSXR1000 (leaving me still longing to return to the Pani). I still enjoy the forum and community here and plan on returning to the Pani not far down the road. So this was my first track day on the new bike. 210hp Superbike build. I was just focusing on being smooth and not spinning up the rear. Weekend got cut a little short.[/URL]
Just saw this again on the CBS This Morning news..... Just glad you are ok.
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are they going to pay you for that vid?
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Old May 27th 2014, 07:23 AM   #34
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it is interesting there is nary a peep, mention or anything on the n2 forum message boards, and thats a pretty active message board. . .
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nah, they're all too busy winning a trackday

Thanks from gramps, MrKO and shakazulu12
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There was clearly a red flag waiving. I don't know this org, but unless it means "make a pass" I don't see how this should have happened. Looks like the rider in front saw the red and was headed for the pit, the CR seemed oblivious to it. Simple as that.

Edit: Rider in front should have raised his hand before rolling off though. Still doesn't justify CR ass packing someone under a red.
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Old May 27th 2014, 08:16 AM   #37
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I also have a horror story with NESBA(N2) at Road Atlanta. All the things previously discussed in this thread all rolled into one morning session. One guy got a flight out in a helicopter and he was in the Novice group. How does that happen?

They are a terribly run organization and I doubted anything would change with the name change.

Someone needs to start a different organization that covers the same tracks and put them out of business once and for all.

Heal up quick!
Thanks from Phl
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Old May 27th 2014, 04:42 PM   #38
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What I was told by a reliable source was that Nesba went out of business because they were skipping the bill at the end of the day.

One of the local tracks here refused to have them unless they paid up front because of issues.

At one time Nesba was one of the better orgs out there. I can't see N2 doing any better since some of the big names are still with them.

KO you looked good brother until that bike landed in your lap!
Thanks from MrKO
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Originally Posted by MrKO View Post
yup that was me. I am okay for the most part. Sore neck, knee, wrist, hip, ankle, head, neck and prob need surgery on my shoulder. Overall ... I am fine lol. Was a crazy ordeal. Screw N2 org. They handled the situation like some chumps thus far. That was a CR that ass packed the other slower rider.
I'm glad you are relatively ok, to be honest I'm surprised you survived this accident with relatively minor injuries as it looked nasty.

The CR was clearly in the wrong but the main thing is you get to ride another day.

Track days can be really hairy at times i was riding at NJMP this last weekend and at the first day there were a huge amount of bikes down i think it was just because people are rusty and expect to be riding at the same pace as the end of last season.

I hope you heal up quickly.
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Old May 28th 2014, 05:06 AM   #40
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Hey, guys thanks for the kind words.

I have been contacted by a few networks. If it all works out, I should be able to have the bike repaired for free (this was my request). But we'll see. Pretty crazy to see yourself nearly getting killed all over TV .
Thanks from Phl and shakazulu12
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