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I Ride: 2016 Ducati Panigale 1299s
Massachusetts to New Hampshire (and back) - on a Panigale

We all have to start somewhere! In honor of antihero's epic journey I decided to post a report of my own first epic journey on my '16 1299s. The bike is just about a month old. I did my first long day trip on it. 380 miles. I went from my home in Amherst Mass, to North Conway and back.

The first pic is taken in Plymouth NH, a college town in the southern white mountains. The second pic is taken at my destination, The Met coffee shop in North Conway, NH. The third pic is from a lookout along Bear Notch Rd, in Bartlett NH. The fourth pic is from a lookout along the Kancamagus Highway. The fifth pic (actually taken first) is from the southern shore of lake Sunapee.

I did the ride out and back along secondary roads the whole way. I stopped about every 40 to 50 miles to rest. The temps varied through the day from 60f to 75f. I learned a whole lot about heat management on the pani. I had waited for our august heat wave to end before attempting this ride.

I've worn a rut in these exact roads over the years, first on my Harleys, recently on my BMW K1300s, and now on Lil' Red. Yes, she has a name. After riding in the heat of august I wasn't sure this ride would be fun, but it was! As I learn more about my bike, it's strengths and limitations, I will expand my horizons somewhat. The roads north of North Conway, around Gorham, Colebrook, Errol, Dixville Notch, Grafton Notch (all places in NH) are favorites. Not to mention The Berkshires of Massachusetts, the Green mountains of Vermont, and the adirondacks of New York.

I was pulled over for doing 53mph in a 40 zone coming south out of Northfield MA on route 63. After going through town the speed limit rises to 55 but it is still 40 at the point I was stopped. A hundred yards beyond where the speed trap was you see the sign for 55. Trust me I was not attempting to light anything up, and I attribute the stop mostly to it being the Labor Day weekend (Friday evening), and Lil' Red just looks so good. Just a verbal warning, and I'm grateful for that. Lesson learned. Only unleash this beast rarely, and only for brief runs. New England roads are beautiful, but speed limits are low, and there are lots of small towns where they are even lower.

In town speeds (35 to 40mph) cause the coolant temp to rise quickly. Easy riding at 60mph brings the temps down to 180-190, but they jump to 210-215 (degrees Fahrenheit) in town. I wanted to get back up to 60mph after going through town to dump the heat.

After this ride I feel I am now fully engaged with this bike, and from here I embark on a fun learning curve. The best is yet to come.
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Massachusetts to New Hampshire (and back) - on a Panigale-wp_20160902_10_51_11_pro.jpg   Massachusetts to New Hampshire (and back) - on a Panigale-wp_20160902_13_31_41_pro.jpg   Massachusetts to New Hampshire (and back) - on a Panigale-wp_20160902_14_01_09_pro.jpg   Massachusetts to New Hampshire (and back) - on a Panigale-wp_20160902_14_28_58_pro.jpg   Massachusetts to New Hampshire (and back) - on a Panigale-wp_20160902_08_52_00_pro.jpg  

Thanks from Phl, youngR and Twistedracer
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Sounds like an awesome ride. If your ever in Cape Cod, give me a holler.
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I drive from Boston to see my mother in Shoreham vt. This is near middlebury which is an ideal destination. The route I take is up 89 which is straight scenic highway, but then I cut off exit 3 and take a number a number of roads that make one straight line through the state forest and over the green mountains that run through Rochester vt (calls itself the heart of the green montains) . This literally takes me over the top of two mountains and is a popular destination road. Very slow going, steep, winding and fun, haven't taken my bike over it yet but that's the plan later in the fall. Not too many other roads there so Google takes you that route, I think it's something along the lines of the bethel mountain pass or something, definitely worth it, with a number of breweries and great restaurants waiting in middlebury for a night. Something to look into for you.

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I Ride: 1199Panigale,V11 Sport Ballibio
Sounds like a nice ride, you will find that the bike is happiest at 100 mph cruising speed, coolant temp runs low, suspension smooths out, engine gets quiet, effortless. The only problem is those pesky cops.
Thanks from cmh210
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Many year ago we used to ride from home in the Hartford, CT area up to bike week at Laconia, NH, and watch the AMA Races (Seriously shows you how long ago it was, with AMA Racing at Loudon!) The place was total chaos w all the hardcore bike shit you see at those Harley rallies!
(I'm sure someone here attended these other than just me?)

New England has some killer roads for both twisties and wide open top speed on the Mass Tpke. Stay safe up there gents.

However, nothing can hold a candle to what Dennis (Anti Hero) did in both the US and OCONUS! Those of you who don't know his story should really look it up online and see all that he's been thru. That dude has more seat time on a 1199 than most of us put together for sure!

Matter of fact, here ya go!

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Thanks from Gunny Fitz
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I Ride: 2016 Ducati Panigale 1299s
I'm going to head back up to the White Mountains within a day or two. Trying to decide if I will ride the auto road on Mt. Washington. I've done it many times, but not on the 1299s yet. It'll get done sooner or later, and I'll grab pics when I do. Anyone done it on a pani?

Before I go for a longer cross country trip I'm going to have to figure out how to carry stuff. I like the Kriega system, which has mounting straps for the pani back seat. I follow antihero closely, and note he carries a 50lb knapsack. I don't think I could do that.
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I Ride: 2016 Ducati Panigale 1299s
Cool White mountains, take two.

Lather, rinse, repeat....

Headed back up to the White mountains. covered mostly the same route, but this time went up the Mt. Washington Auto Road. The pics are a bit out of order. The second one was taken last, and is s repeat of one I posted before. I only include it because the weather is clear. You can see Mt. Washington in the background.

I am glad I did it. It was a needed pilgrimage. But I won't need to do it again. I've done it many times before. The Pani really doesn't want to go under 20mph, and at times in traffic that is called for. People allowed me pass, and I kept it to around 22mph, so as to avoid catching up to people. The descent was also slow due to traffic. Not that I'd want to go fast, but below 20 is hard to do. 8 miles up, 8 miles down, perfect weather.

The round trip to home was 426 miles. Left at 6am, got home at 8:30pm. Air temp was 45f in the morning and rose to about 75f. I used all the same back roads as before. This high water mark will probably stand for a while. To go further would involve staying out a night, or using the dreaded highway to get up to the mountains. I may try that actually. There are too many small towns with restricted speed limits of around 30mph. And Lil' Red attracts attention wherever she goes. Wanted or unwanted. The early evening, which is when I cam back through the small towns, is when a lot of people are out, and is not a good time to be in a hurry to get home.

Several interested people came up to me to ogle the bike and ask me about it. One guy who knew what the bike is scratched his head and asked, "why?" To which I have no great answer, as many readers also know. The Pani chooses it's riders, not the other way around.

The bike also attracts unwanted attention. Every cop looks up and takes notice, whether on the roll or parked. I was traveling slower through towns than I would have on my Harleys. Overall my average speed wasn't much higher than it would have been on a Harley. Although 25 miles out of the 420 did raise that average.

I think I'll work out a new route with fewer towns and possibly some stretches of highway. Highway riding is the coolest, temperature-wise. I can roll along at 65 to 70 in 6th gear and watch the coolant temp drop to the 160s to 170s. If I ride a 3 or 4 mile stretch of 30mph roads the coolant goes from 180 or below right up to 210 to 220. It ran 216 on the auto road.

All part of the learning curve. I have over 2000 miles on the bike, 800 of which are in two trips up to the mountains.

More will be revealed....
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Massachusetts to New Hampshire (and back) - on a Panigale-wp_20160912_12_52_21_pro.jpg   Massachusetts to New Hampshire (and back) - on a Panigale-wp_20160912_14_49_49_pro.jpg   Massachusetts to New Hampshire (and back) - on a Panigale-wp_20160912_12_25_18_pro-2-.jpg   Massachusetts to New Hampshire (and back) - on a Panigale-wp_20160912_13_10_21_pro-2-.jpg   Massachusetts to New Hampshire (and back) - on a Panigale-wp_20160912_13_10_53_pro-2-.jpg  

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I Ride: 2015 1299 S, 2013 Victory Cross Country
I am up in NH. Lots of great riding here. The rock pile is a great ride as well as the Kanc and Bear Notch. There are some better rides in the Northwestern part of the state and into VT. I got a couple of buddies on Beemers that I ride with. We are always looking for another rider to join the group. Hit me up next time you want to venture into NH. We usually ride on Sundays.
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I Ride: 2016 Ducati Panigale 1299s

I rode a refined version of my first ride up to North Conway. The first pic is from Tamworth looking across Lake Chocorua to Mount Chocorua. The second pic is looking out the window of "The Met", a favorite coffee shop. One more punch on the coffee card and I'll get a free cup. That's one free coffee per two sets of tires. The final pic is from a lookout on the Kancamagus. The foliage is about to start changing, but little evidence yet.

I used the highway to get from Hillsborough to Concord (rte 89 south), then from Concord to Exit 23 on rte 93. The exit is near Bristol and Meredith. I then crossed the lakes region, north of Winnepesauke, then up 16 through Tamworth to North Conway.

Returning I crossed the Kancamagus highway (a favorite). I rode up rte 118 from Lincoln to Warren. The Warren side was repaved a couple of years ago, and now the Lincoln side is redone. Good place to work on my chicken strips.

I started at 9am, and got home at 8pm. Distance was around 370 miles. Temps were in the low 40sF to start, and got into the mid 60s. I waited until 9 to start. The sun set at 6:30, so had to finish out in the dark.

By replacing a couple of slow town roads, with 30 miles of interstate I greatly reduced the time, and really reduced the heat. The bike cools off going 70mph on the highway. Most heat seems to come from the rear header, rather than the subframe now.

I figure there is no need to start a new thread with each ride. I ought to get in one or two more trips this fall. Free coffee awaits me...
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Massachusetts to New Hampshire (and back) - on a Panigale-wp_20160926_13_22_30_pro-2-.jpg   Massachusetts to New Hampshire (and back) - on a Panigale-wp_20160926_002-2-.jpg   Massachusetts to New Hampshire (and back) - on a Panigale-wp_20160926_15_29_03_pro.jpg  
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