1. R

    For Sale (SOLD) BST 7 Spoke Carbon Fiber Wheel Set for Panigale

    Blackstone Tek carbon wheels for the Panigale 1199, 1299, and V4 models. Somewhere around +/-1k street miles on nice roads. Brembo rotors and ceramic bearings included. Along with tires that are mounted, just for added protection in shipping. Manufacture date label shows Feb. 2014. $2,500...
  2. P

    For Sale Rear Sets w/ Carbon Heal Guard OEM - Off Panigale R

    Switched the Rear sets on my 2015 Panigale R. I have the stock sets including brake and clutch levers and Carbon Heel Guards attached. Bolts not included. Came off bike with 100 miles on it and have been in storage. $120 shipped to 48 states. Located: Delray Beasch text: 330-231-7852 Ill...
  3. D

    For Sale 1199 tricolore fairings $1500 obo

    Link to images: https://imgur.com/a/JEuJA31 These fairings came off my stock 2012 Ducati tricolore 1199s. Transform the look of your 1199! Fairings have 10k miles on them and have some rock chips. No scuffs or crash damage whatsoever. All of the mounting tabs are undamaged. This will fit any...
  4. I

    The Best Inexpensive Battery - 1199 S

    Howdy fellow Duc owners (and online warriors I suspect), I'm looking for an inexpensive (sub-$75) battery for a 2013 1199 Panigale S. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you guys have. From a quick look online the stock photos and/or dimensions all seem to differ on aftermarket options...
  5. A

    1199 Panigale S Quick Shifter

    Note: Before I removed shifter, quick shifter operated flawlessly I recently removed the gear shifter on my Panigale to add some lock tight to the pin that mounts it to the rear set. Once I installed the gear shifter back on the bike, my quick shifter doesn't work. Is there some sort of reset...
  6. L

    520 rear sprocket carrier mystery on 1199

    anybody had an issue when installing an aftermarket 520 conversion sprocket and carrier? I have a 41 tooth sprocket on the carrier and when installing on the bike it sits way to far back? Like the sprocket edge is almost touching the swingarm. Looking along the chain guide from the rear to the...
  7. T

    1199 Quickshifter failure. Recommendations for aftermarkets please.

    So this morning. the QS on my 1199 2013 Pani failed. It does not quickshift up at all even though I kick up really hard... and the DQS light is on... It jerks hard as well through the RPMs... I think the sensor is broken. Can anyone recommend any? I have heard of cordona and bazzaz.
  8. T

    1199 - LED Upgrade for Low Beam!

    Hi all, Just wanted to let everyone know that I recently bit the bullet after researching countless threads and sizes for retrofitting LED bulbs into the 1199. I ended up with this model and size -...
  9. T

    1199 - BSD Blip Box Pro + TuneBoy Cruise + Woolich Racing ECU?

    Has this been done before? Looking to put a BSD Blip Box Pro with GP Shift on my DP Rear set with TuneBoy Cruise Control only and Woolich Racing ECU Tune.
  10. A

    Ducati 1199 won't start

    Hy all I have ducati 1199 panigale 2012 model and he won't start I and I keeps strat and he miss fire missing oder I change spark plugs and quails and crank piston senser Butt he till not start Also I check fuel pump pressure OK And fuel injecter didn't works So tell me what can I...
  11. F

    1199 Brembo levers with remote adjuster

    Hello all, I'm very glad to part of this forum. I'm a 1199R rider from Brazil and since there is not so many Ducati riders down here, this forum helps a lot! Well, currently I'm simply using Puig folding levers at my bike and today I discussed with some people regarding braking. I like...
  12. L

    Thinking about selling 1199 Superleggera #107

    Hello Ducatiforum, As the title states I'm thinking about listing my 1199 SL. I'm trying to figure out what a good sale price would be, I know a few are listed in various places but price is all over the place. I'm the original owner, the bike currently sits at just over 1800 miles. All...
  13. D

    Want To Buy 1199 fuel tank

    I'm looking for a fuel tank for a 2013 Panigale 1199.
  14. Twisted10

    1199 to hyper 950

    I have this need/want for a hyper 950sp. Anyone go from a superbike to a hyper? I do a few trackdays a year, ride 12 miles to work, hoon around when I have time. Random trips to NC/TN to ride all the fun stuff. Seems like it would be a good decision :D Thoughts? and no, I cant have...
  15. E

    For Sale Panigale 1299 bodywork

    2016 1299 fairings OEM for sale Shipping available at buyer exp. Asking $1800 (CDN) Located in Niagara area, can meet locally, GTA, near border Pics available, for some reason I can't upload from my phone. Near perfect condition, a few blemishes on lower belly pan...
  16. W

    My first Ducati, a 2014 1199 Panigale R

    Greetings folks! Excited to be amongst you all and looking forward to learning from you all. I managed to buy my first Ducati this week, a gorgeous 1199 Panigale R with just under 12000km on the clocks.
  17. J

    2014 1199: Three Codes - P0105, P100c and P0560

    Hello all, I am having three codes on the bike 2014 Panigale 1199: P0105 P100c P0560 As per my understanding, the codes are for MAP sensor, System Voltage but I cant find the third one. When the bike is in ON (no engine running), the battery voltage is somewhere between 11.5 - 12.3. When I...
  18. D

    1199 , oil in top rad

    Hi everyone,thanks for letting me join the panagale forum , I have an 1199 2012 with just 3800 miles on the clock , I took it out for its first ride this season and was about 30 miles into the ride when I noticed the high temp light came on shortly followed by the oil light . As I swiftly...
  19. CloudInsurance

    1199 s Tricolore NYST Track day

    UW7idTcijTU Getting faster. Need to work on some trail braking into 6 and to stay in the power on 7,8,9.
  20. N

    Want To Buy 1199 Full System Termi / Akra

    Looking for a full system akra/termi for my 1199, please do PM me if you've got either one for sale! Thank you!