1. P

    SOLD! FOR SALE : 2017 1299s - One Owner, 4k miles, stock

    Absolutely Beautiful Ducati 1299s that has been meticulously maintained since day one. One owner . All Services performed by Ducati Since new. Mostly Stock with minor upgrades which were installed by Ducati Dealer at time of purchase. The bike just crossed 4,000 miles. Extras: Carbon Heal...
  2. CrazyBikerr

    New 1299S Owner

    Wanted to introduce myself. Riding for almost 20 years and sport riding for 12 of them. Owned a FZ6, FZ1, Daytona 675, S1000RR and still own a Tuono V4 Factory, S1000R, Tiger Explorer XCa. The S1000R is going up for sale first and then maybe replace the Explorer with a KTM 1190 for proper ADV...
  3. Vicati

    Need 1299s parts

    So i need some parts for the Panigales, so if you guys have them pm me with Price. Magnesium Front Fairing Stay Clutch master cylinder Left side handle bar/bar end & clip on Left rearset with shifter Rear cowl plastic that holds the rear fairings at the top. Gp shift rod.
  4. Vicati

    Want To Buy (WTB) 1299s Panigale Anniversario Fairings

    If anyone got there for sale or could direct me somewhere other then Ducati Omaha or AMS for the OEM fairing would be great. I'd there a little Indy store out there that had them for sale or gets OEM fairings and sells for under dealer price?
  5. P

    For Sale 2012 Tricolor 1199s *550 Miles

    2012 Tricolore 1199s *550 Miles **Collector grade 2012 Ducati 1199s Tricolore Panigale. MINT, SHOWROOM, LIKE NEW condition with less than 600 miles and is very tastefully modded. PLEASE- Call me with ANY questions. I will be more than happy to assist you in any way I can: 330-231-7852...
  6. M

    1299s Exhaust question

    sorry if this has been posted before...im looking to buy a full Termi Exhaust from a forum member it was on a 1199s just wondering if it would fit my 1299s. Thanks
  7. DrDuctMossburg

    For Sale 2015 Ducati Panigale 1299s

    The time has come again to make some more room in my garage and this time it's the Duc that is the chosen one. Up for sale is my 2015 Ducati Panigale 1299s. I bought this bike in 2017 from the owner of RedLine Motorsports (Ducati dealer) in Yorktown, Va. At the time the bike had 633 miles on...
  8. A

    For Sale 2015 1299s For sale

    https://www.flickr.com/photos/183452340@N04/48546455307/in/dateposted-public/ 2015 Ducati 1299s with many extras. Testing the waters to see if there is any interest. I would guess I have at least 30k in this bike. Bike is perfect except for one small scratch on front fender. Can get more pics...
  9. M

    New rear tyre for my 2016 Panigale 1299S

    Hi, Just found this on my rear tire. Unfortunately need to buy a new one. Is the 200/55 zr17 Super corsa v2 sp rear tyre the one that I should go for?Thanks in advance.
  10. Indy

    Whats the value of a 1299S Anniverario with 100 miles?

    Whats your opinions of the street resale value of 2017 1299S Anniverario with 100 miles on it?
  11. S

    1299s best exhaust for $$ performance and sound

    I've got a sc project on mine. Sound is incredible and performance is noticeable and reasonable priced. Love it. Let's hear some thoughts
  12. C

    new to the forum... 2015 ducati 1299s coolant leak

    hi i have a 1299s it over heated last week so started to take the bike apart noticed that the thermostat (squirter unit) is bored on the top and the thermostat pin is coming out and bike is leaking coolant from there.... are there any company out there that make this part out of aluminium? thanks
  13. W

    For Sale 1299S parts

    1299S parts PayPal or local pick up only. Located in New Orleans, Louisiana. All prices include PayPal and shipping in the continental U.S only Fairing set minus tank $600 sold Tank $650 sold fuel pump $100 Clear clutch cover with gold hub $240 Forks $700 sold Led headlight $600 Front...
  14. bigdzx6r

    For Sale BN OEM 2015 1299S Parts

    Both parts never installed: Rear set passenger pegs=$180 shipped Pillion seat=$180 shipped
  15. S

    Highest octane 1299s can safely take ??????

    What can a 2015 1299s handle for octane for the best performance
  16. P

    Looking for some original parts left side 1299S

    Hy Guys After a fortunately slow and harmless slide I am looking for the following original parts for the left side of my 1299 S, MY 2016: - Nut Front Axle - Clutch Lever - Handlebar End Weight - Side Stand - Footpeg Perhaps anyone has something around ... it would be glad...
  17. Hejnfelt

    New 1299S owner looking for recommendations and

    I recently picked up a low mileage mint condition 1299S with lots of carbon mods, full Akra Ti exhaust and the Akra upmap. Currently added some BST RapidTek wheels, SC SP V3 tires (V4S standard), lithium battery, Brembo Z04 pads, TechSpec knee pads, throttle spacer and some other small mods...
  18. S

    Ducati 1299s

    Hi all, Thanks for the welcome on this forum. I was hoping someone could give me some advice on my dilemma,I am looking at purchasing a Ducati 1299s 15 model, good service history and lots of genuine after market parts fitted bike is good condition owned by a mature aged man. The bike has...
  19. S


    Hi guys, I wanted to know from anyone of you for some advise. I am looking at purchasing my first Ducati it's a 1299s 15 model. Despite hearing a lot of horror story's in regards to reliability and cost of servicing and so on. Despite of all of this I love these bikes. The bike in...
  20. J

    1299S engine speed limiter - depending on gear?

    I've got an expert question: At what engine speed does the engine speed limiter normally kicks in with the 1299S (MY 2015)? On my 1299S, in 3rd gear engine speed limiter gets in at about 11,000 rpm, all red lights are on before. But the red area on the rev counter only starts at 11,500 rpm...