1. D

    Want To Buy 2018+ Multistrada 1260 GPS wiring and cradle

    Hi, I want to repurpose my BMW Navigator VI and use the garmin cradle on the Multi but it seems I need to buy both the zumo and the wiring together. Does anyone just have the wiring and cradle available? Thanks!
  2. T

    2019 vs 2020 V4R

    I see a number of 2020 V4R's at dealers. Does anyone know if there have been any minor updates/fixes? Just recall issues sorted?
  3. R

    2019 V4 Fuel smell/leak

    Hey, Hoping someone on here can shed some light on this issue, or maybe someone is experiencing it too. I just bought my 2019 V4 and it smells of gas really bad after a ride, and today when I was had the lower fairing off, there was raw fuel on the bottom and inside the panel. I have an oil...
  4. G

    959 corse 2019

    Hello , just want to warn others owner on panigale 959 corse About coolant reservoir tank . Keep checking if there is a small leak from the window. Look like some defect on manufacture. I got crazy to find the leak that was running inside the fairing Dripping on the back tire during the...
  5. E

    2019 v4r oil leak

    I go to pull the lower fairings off for an oil change and I see what appears to be a leak on the right side running down the oil sump. Any one with similar experience? I know about the dry clutch leak, does anyone have pics so that I can compare. I tried loading photos but comes back telling me...
  6. H

    2019 Panigale v4 tuner

    I just bought a 2019 V4 and changing the complete exhaust to the SC Project, What is the best tuner to use with the exhaust I am installing? Thanks
  7. doolchy

    2019 V4 flashing fuel light

    Hi everyone,I am glad to be a part of this forum of incredible v4 machines. I just purchased a 1 owner 2019 V4 1850 miles on it,full Akro system remap,it is the most incredible machine I have ever ridden and I have ridden lots of them over the past 45 years. My question is ....my fuel light...
  8. D

    New 2019 V4 owner. Whats up yall

    Just purchased a 2019 V4. Great looking bike but I am already having issues at 173 miles. My dash is going crazy throwing errors everywhere DTC, ABS, tach went out and its over heating too. Took it to the local Ducati they said my NRC tail tidey may have pinched a wire. I don't see how its plug...
  9. C

    2019 V4S Ride away price Melbourne

    Hey guys. I'm from Melbourne and I'm wanting to purchase new, 2019 V4S in melbourne. Does anyone know exactly what the ride away purchase price is so I know what I'm walking into without completely emptying my pockets? Os there any play in negotiations with them? Is there anything I should be...
  10. C

    2018 V4S or 2019 V4

    First off, it's my first ever post on the forum and it's a pleasure to be apart of your community. Ive got a budget of $35,000 and I'm stuck in a decision between either purchasing a second hand 2018 V4S or a brand new 2019 V4. The bike will be used some days as commuting on highways for a bit...
  11. M

    Multistrada 1200s 2019

    Hi Folks, newbie here, can anyone explain why Ducati provide an foglamp button which has to be energised by the dealer ! yet will not work with after market running lights ? I had this procedure sorted on Sat last, and have been informed pay...
  12. Y

    USA / West Coast Ride to Laguna Seca for WSBK 2019

    Anyone riding up to Laguna Seca for WSBK this year? My buddy and I are riding up and we wouldn't mind company. We are leaving Friday morning and returning Monday.
  13. Kevin1199

    Laguna Seca 2019 unveil

    Historically Ducati shows off something at WSBK Laguna Seca, any thoughts on what's coming?
  14. YouUh

    2019 V4S Corse paint color codes

    Can anyone get me the paint codes for the 2019 Corse colors? Specifically for the tank. (Grey, silver, and flourescent red)
  15. S

    Which Cruiser/Muscle Bike to get in 2019?

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a bit of inspiration :) I have been riding Ducatis for most of the time I have had a license. First the 1199 and then 1199R. I have now decided I want to add a cruiser of some sort when going on a "nice and easy Sunday ride". Have always been a fan of design like...
  16. Pard

    2019 Hypermotard Mods

    Good place to start: https://evotech-performance.com/collections/ducati-hypermotard-950-sp-motorcycle-parts/YEAR_2019 Will the pit bull rear stand from previous model hypers fit the 950?
  17. jock39racer

    2019 WSBK starts again

    All, I'm off for my annual trip to PI, the Mecca of motorcycle sports. Bautisa already top of the time sheets...fuck yeah!! Safe trip to anyone else who's going. It's going to be an awesome weekend.
  18. CrazyDuc

    2019 wsbk

    Ãlvaro Bautista looking good on the V4R. link to the 1st practice day report: WorldSBK
  19. K

    Ducati Island (COTA) MotoGP 2019

    Tickets available starting Monday, Feb 11, 2019 so i've heard. ;)