1. C

    Has anyone removed there Charcoal Canister?

    Ok, just wondering if anyone has removed their charcoal canister from the 939 or 950? I believe its the same canister as every other Ducati out there? There's a really nice how to guide for the 1199 on this forum. I'm going to use this guide as an aid.
  2. G

    Charcoal canister cannot be removed on new 1299S?

    I have a brand new 1299 and have had an issue with it stalling after it has been running and then turned off. Once you restart it it wants to stall at idle. I literally have to continuously give it a little throttle to keep it running. After searching through he forum I was thinking it was the...
  3. Styler

    Charcoal Canister Removal: Unwanted fumes?

    So, I am considering removing the charcoal canister to try and: Reduce the hard-starting issue when the bike is hot; and, Reduce the weight of my track bike. That said, I keep my bike in a heated/air-conditioned out-building that is also my personal retreat. Half of it is a shop, the other...
  4. A

    charcoal canister question - what is a vacuum line?

    I was wondering why is there a vacuum line going into the charcoal canister? What is the purpose of that line? I don't understand why after removing the canister, we need to plug the line. Was something (e.g., air/vapor) supposed to go in or out through the pipe. If so, how is plugging up that...
  5. T

    charcoal filter. Do I plug one line? or vent them both.

    so I read the how to in the how to section, and it says to plug one line and vent the other. That's what I did but it seems like it ran kind of choppy so I vented them both. I'm hearing different stories from different people. And wondering what the actual way I am supposed to do it is. Still...
  6. F

    Charcoal canister on euro spec bike?

    I'm new to the forum and also new to the Ducati world. I have just bought my first Ducati. It's a 1199 S which I will use for racing...:-) Does any of you guys know if a euro spec bike has the charcoal canister or is that just the US spec bikes that have it? Cheers // Kenneth (Denmark)
  7. Sinjin

    Another Charcoal Cannister Question

    When I had my Monster in the shop to install the Termi's, I had the canister removed and they put on knock off plates for around $25 in parts; they worked the labor in to the cost of having it in for the exhaust. I have since purchased the 899 from another dealer and would like to have the...
  8. stanmart

    2014 panigale have charcoal canister?

    Just curious if its on there. I cant tell with the fairings on if its even in there. Maybe its just tucked in there.
  9. luke

    The stalling problem: is the charcoal canister really the culprit?

    My stalling-at-idle problems are almost infrequent enough that I don't care, but frequent enough that I do. If that makes any sense. For those who've had the dealer remove the canister (or who have done it themselves) ... does it really solve the problem?
  10. AntiHero

    How To: Charcoal Canister Removal

    The charcoal canister is an emissions piece and can be the source of hard starting (do a search for more info--lots written about it). Most dealers won't remove it, so if you want to do it you'll have to do it yourself. Not many mods are easier than this, so long as you know which line to cap...
  11. devilsnight

    Dealer Refuses to Remove Charcoal Canister . . .

    Emailed my dealer service dept. about agonizing HARD START issues and the numerous owners who've found remedy in removing the charcoal canister. I asked if: 1) Are they familiar with the issue? 2) Are you removing them for other 1199 owners? The dealer responds saying: "Of our 1199...
  12. zvez

    Charcoal emissions canister

    So I can't tell from any of the pics I've seen. Does anyone know where the charcoal emissions canister is located? The parts manual doesnt show the location. On my streetfighter it was on the left side of the engine, low. Chris