1. Blade Runner

    Marquez the crying continues.

    From: MOTOGP MM93 to Mundo Deportivo: "I don't have my dream bike" Reigning Champion talks to Mundo Deportivo at an event in Madrid Tags MotoGP, 2017, Marc Marquez, Repsol Honda Team "At the moment I don't have the bike of my dreams, there are things to improve - but it's not bad."...
  2. mark419ny

    rossi already crying

    "For me, what I suffer, more than the bike, is the front tyre from Michelin. Because they follow a softer way, especially about the casing but also about the rubber, and I lose feeling." VR got that dorna. rossi is giving you the sos coded message Last year tires were withdraw...
  3. mark419ny

    Rossi still crying about '15 interesting read none the less
  4. mark419ny

    rossi crying again

    the old man cant hack it more excuses retire already Rossi: Three MotoGP races in a row a bad idea
  5. mark419ny

    Rossi Still Crying about 2015

    Rossi still drawing motivation from ?stolen? 2015 title you lost it buddy they didnt steal it.