1. jarelj

    Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals

    Hi Guys - Just thought I'd give the forum peeps a heads-up on what will be coming for our Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale which starts on Black Friday and ends on Cyber Monday. The sale prices will be posted on our web site and we'll have an e-mail and Facebook blast going out for it as...
  2. TsaiCo

    Year end deals

    Just thought to see if anyone knows a good deals around this time of years for the v4 model? Preferred S or Corse? Any input is appreciated Pm me if they are SoCal
  3. jarelj

    Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2018 DEALS!

    EDIT: Sale has ended, thank you to everyone who took advantage of the sale deals! :-)
  4. B

    BrenTuning 2018 Black Friday deals are here!

    Black Friday sales are here, this one time per year sale is the lowest pricing you will see! Please contact us directly for any questions or ordering. Orders also available to be placed directly via our webstore. Sale is available until December 3, 2018, will have to wait until next year for...
  5. G

    Deals Gap Oct 1-7

    Any riders in area want to meet up this week for some fun gap riding
  6. DrDuctMossburg

    Deals Gap Trip - 2017

    Greetings, Just got back from our annual trip to the gap and thought I would share some info, pics and a video. We had to postpone our original trip due to tropical storm Cindy but we honestly couldn't have asked for better weather. It was in the lower to mid 70's the majority of the time. The...
  7. G

    Deals gap role call

    Hit me up if you want to ride, here for 10 days
  8. Danger Close MFG

    Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V2 Deals

    Just wondering if anyone has come across any good deals for tires. About 2-3 years ago someone posted a deal on here where u got a set of SP's for somewhere around 339 if I remember correctly and a 100 rebate visa gift card from pirelli on here. The sets of tires I bought from that deal are now...
  9. G

    Deals gap run April 16-23

    Anybody DUC owners going during these times Thought there might be a meet up group
  10. Prospected

    Deals Gap trip 2016

    A buddy of mine finally uploaded the editing from our Deal's Gap trip. 1st video is Rt. 28 towards the Gap. 2nd video is edited to include Rt. 28, Blood Mountain, & Rt. 348. I'm on the Ape, R1M camera man, and 2 other R1's in the group.
  11. G

    Me at deals gap

    Deals gap photo
  12. G

    Role call for deals gap

    Any duc riders here, i am here for the week riding if you want to join
  13. b9009b

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals 2015

    Conquest Carbon has 25% OFF these brands FullSix Carbon Fiber Code: FULLBLACKFRIDAY CNC Racing Code: CNCBLACKFRIDAY Ducabike Code: DUCABLACKFRIDAY Conquest Carbon Code: CCBLACKFRIDAY Starts tonight at Midnight.. PayPal Payment is not allowed with the discount
  14. C

    Anyone getting killer deals on the 1299S?

    Hi All, Now that the initial pre-order rush is dying down are there any killer deals being made for those "Johnny Come Lately" chaps like me? I'm veering towards a 1299S possibly with the Akra full system included but that's a big chunk of change if everyone is sticking to MSRP. Cheers, Sammo
  15. b9009b

    Steals and Deals Gear Style

    This thread is where you post all your Deals/Steals for Gear you find. Examples: Helmets, Gloves, Suits etc. This is for GEAR stuff only. Post your link to the item and the relevant info. IE Price, Promo Code etc. There will also be one of these in the Superbike Section for Bike...
  16. b9009b

    Steals and Deals Bike Parts/Acces/Equipment

    This thread is where you post all your Deals/Steals for Bike Parts, Accessories and Equipment you find. Examples: Exhaust, Oil, Filters, Stands, Grips, Carbon Fiber etc. This is for BIKE stuff only. Post your link to the item and the relevant info. IE Price, Promo Code etc. There...
  17. double0

    Black Friday Deals

    Figured maybe people should be made aware of some killer deals on gear or any other thing motorcycle related. Sportbike Track Gear dot com has some awesome deals on gear right now. I just ordered this Bell Star helmet for $249 shipped. It is a 2013 model but I love the graphics and retails for...
  18. Ray916MN

    USA / Central Minneapolis Ducati Closing - Deals

    As everyone in the Twin Cities area knows, Ducati Minneapolis will be closing their doors at the end of this month. They are offering some steep discounts on what they have in stock. For example, today tires are 50% off. I picked up an Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V2 200/55-17 rear for $108.18...
  19. Sergio1199Panigale

    Ok, searched but am getting old deals. Need to replace rear Supercorsa :(

    So I got back to my office this afternoon and my rear was flat due to a GD screw in the contact patch. I did a MacGyver fix and putted home with her. Anyhoo, going through the million threads on replacing the tires, I only have 1300miles on the tires so I'll be keeping the front obvi. I came...
  20. B

    Deals gap

    Any duc riders want to meet up I am here for a week and it's rainging today staying in merryville tn