1. J

    anyone know what diagnostic code this is?

    opened melcodiag to reset my oil light and my check engine light. still getting this code anyone know what its for?
  2. S

    Diagnostic tool for Ducati V4

    Hi guys, I know she is pretty new but I'm looking for a diagnostic tool ( reading codes and reset Service light) if possible. any Ideas? :D
  3. tc31

    OBD2 Diagnostic Tool for Pani 1299 ?

    Hi all, does anybody of you guys, have a functional obd2 Software (android or windows) for the 1299 not 1199! i have like the most of you some experiance with the JP and Witto ´s Tools for my SFS and Multi1200, but not with my pani 1299 , please help ... tankx in advance tc31:)
  4. W

    Custom made Diagnostic Tool ?

    So i saw this and was very surprised ftda5PMLcHg Was wondering if it's custom made (based on some diagnostic tool perhaps?) or something that is public available This would make things alot more easier for those that live far away from a ducati dealer (such as me.. 120 miles away)...
  5. M

    Diagnostic software

    I spent some time last night google'n for info about aftermarket diagnostic software or a scanner to look at some live data on my 2012 1199, check codes and reset lights. The more I read, the more confused I became. I own a few automotive scaneers, Snap on MT2500 and a GM Tech 2 so I value the...
  6. X

    1299 Diagnostic Tool

    Has anybody tried this ? Ducati Diagnostic Tool OBD2 Service 4 Way Pin Siemens Multistrada Can Mitsubishi | eBay I asked the vendor if it worked for the 1299 and they replied: "does not guarantee the software" I would like to use it for resetting service reminders and for...
  7. B

    15000 mile service - hint to diagnostic / service reset tool

    Was at the dealer not to long ago and was talking to techs. They were talking about the 15000 mile service and that if the intakes had to be shimmed that the motor had to be pulled and that the time to do the job would be like 30 hours labor. Anyone had any experience with this yet?
  8. ArmandoGallegos

    Finally got a ride in

    Two nice days came up and i decided to take the bike out for the first time. I got to put 432 miles in, all on back roads. It rained the two days before hand so most of the rocks and cinder were off the road. Man is this bike fun and i haven't even taken it past 6000 rpm. I got a chance to take...