1. C

    1299 Radiator drain plug part #

    Hi guys. Im installing a Samco hose kit on my 1299 and need the radiator drain plug part #. Does anyone know what the part # is? I looked on the Ducati microfiche but couldn't find it. It had every part number for the cooling system except for that one part. When I poured in new coolant in...
  2. Phl

    Monster S4RS oil drain bolt magnet mod

    Removed the old crappy magnet and put a high power one on: Old:
  3. N

    Where to buy Kraiitech drain plug?

    Who is selling these right now? Need one...
  4. Phl

    group buy - titanium oil drain bolts

    features: grade 5 titanium drilled head for safety wire high temperature NdFeB-magnet with 8lbs of holding force large exposed area to capture more particles removable magnet for cleaning will fit the Kraaitech outlet adapter price $39 plus shipping will let you know when they are...
  5. DucatiDetroit

    For Sale Kraaitech Panigale Drain Plugs 60$

    Kraaitech Panigale Drain Plugs are now in stock at Ducati Detroit, total of 12 still available. This kit uses the existing drain plug but repositions it so that oil drains straight down rather than out of the front of the oil sump. This piece is a must for any track day/ race bike that...
  6. DucatiDetroit

    For Sale Kraaitech Drain Plugs

    Kraaitech Panigale Drain Plug Allows you to keep your exhaust canisters on the bike for quick oil changes. A must have, especially for track bikes with oil retaining belly pans. Many forum members already have these with great results. We've put used these drain plugs on many track day and...
  7. TurboLag

    Under bike airbox drain tube

    Could someone measure the rubber grommet on the airbox drain pipe going into the fan duct? Big diameter, small (middle) diameter, and small diameter width? I'm designing a catch tank, but I'm far away from home...

    Moto-D Oil Drain Plug

    I'm curious if anyone else is using one. The thread pattern seems a bit narrower. I could always drill the stock drain plug, and wire it.
  9. K

    Seized Drain Plug

    So I'm going to flush and swap my coolant but the drain plug on the side of my radiator is seized. It was too tight for the 4mm Allen Key, so it rounded off the inside of the bolt head, and then using a left hand threading easy-out it snapped off the tip inside the 4mm hole. Now there is a...
  10. Scorpio66

    How to drain the tank

    Hello everybody, I'm going to bring my panigale to Europe with me and I have a full 20" container to load it along with my stuff. I heard they might ask me to drain the tank and I'm not sure how to do that w/o removing the tank itself. Any thoughts? P.s. Anybody else has experience with...
  11. wfoduck

    Kraaitech oil drain for bellypan

    Just trying to gauge interest on a group buy for the oil drain set up for use with bellypan. The cost for non group buy is $55.00 plus $20.00 for shipping. If there is enough interest maybe we can save some cash. So far we have 3 possible interests.
  12. zaster

    Slow battery drain on 1199R

    I noticed a while back that it took more than the usual time to recharge my OEM battery when off the tender for a week or so. Since I didn't have any new accessories installed I thought it might be the battery. The dealer tested it while I was in to get some warranty work performed and it...
  13. tack514

    Kraaitech Racing Oil Drain

    Anybody know where to get one of these? I have searched, and PM'd the forum member with no luck. I plan to install the belly pan at next oil change and figured I should do it right. I do appreciate the all that contribute to this forum. It has helped immensely preparing my 1199R track bike...
  14. AG6

    Clean oil under drain bolt

    I changed oil last week and it seems while draining oil some went into the plastic panel just under drain bolt. Not sure what the part is called, tried to picture it. What is the best way of cleaning it out? I tried removing the bolts/screws but there seems to be more to it for removal
  15. MMC

    Oil drain plug safety wire

    Wired mine this past weekend at Chuckwalla...just ran the wire to the plastic molding 2 inches from the plug. Is there a better anchor? Any pics? Also, to wire the caliper bolts...are you using aftermarket bolts instead of the round-headed stock ones?
  16. M

    Drain plug size?

    Does anyone know what the diameter and the thread pitch of the drain plug? I'd like to machine an extension drain to work with the race catch pan
  17. Ljuice26

    Air box drain leak

    Guys, you may want to check with your dealers about a service bulletin that was released recently. I attended a race school on Saturday to get my race license and the second to last session I had oil and smoke coming from underneath the bike. The tech called me immediately and said he think he...
  18. jmparton

    Drain bolt?

    What size is the oil drain bolt? 14mm seems to fit it the closest but it is on so tight that it is trying to round the bolt. Suggestions?
  19. J

    Oil change - dont forget to drain the pump!!

    Just to let you all know if you do your own oil change, you will need to turn the engine over several times to get another 1/3 litre of oil out of the pump and top end. Easy way to do this is put the bike on paddock stand select sixth gear and turn the rear wheel by hand. 2 full revolutions...
  20. wfoduck

    drain bolt for collant ?

    Well I had a bolt vibrate loose on my exhaust mount . Figured while I'm replacing bolt I should wrap header and fill rad with engine ice . I pulled the small Allen bolt in the lower rad and the oil cooler to get the heat shield off front header. I got around 2/3 gal of coolant drained . I think...