1. T

    1199 - BSD Blip Box Pro + TuneBoy Cruise + Woolich Racing ECU?

    Has this been done before? Looking to put a BSD Blip Box Pro with GP Shift on my DP Rear set with TuneBoy Cruise Control only and Woolich Racing ECU Tune.
  2. J

    Panigale V4R Ecu update

    Hi! I have fitted the full New akra system on my bike (did it myself). Rang the dealer to book in for ECU upgrade, but they mention there is a code with the exhaust They need to do so, after asking them where should I find this they mentioned the vendor should have provided? I bought it new...
  3. I

    ECU Part Number

    Another question... The shop that does Brentuning asked me what the Mitsubishi ECU part number was before they would quote me a flash option? I don't even know where the ECU is (under the tank?). How do I locate it? Is it easy to look at? I have a Workshop Manual but it doesn't seem to...
  4. Styler

    Connecting AIM Solo DL to the 1199's ECU

    So I purchased the AIM Solo DL and it says to connect the unit via the ECI connector plug under the passenger seat. Trouble is, the picture is not a Panigale and the plug does appear to fit the one I think is the ECU connector for the 1199. Has anyone out there done this before and can...
  5. MrBIgBiker

    ECU question

    Sorry if its a dump question is the ecu VIN related ? when the dealer plugs to the bikes port, all bike info shows including VIN or im confusing with another dealer systems ? Also would like to know if an uploaded Up-Map is "based" in the ECU or another electronic piece ? Asking...
  6. A


    Does anyone know where I can get my ECU flashed - I have a 899 ECU and doing a 1199 engine swap . Need 1199 ECU flash Thank you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. D

    ECU Immobilizer help

    So the dash on my 2010 Hypermotard 796 broke and was wondering if anyone knew how to disable the immobilizer so that I could swap in another one.
  8. P

    Not starting after ECU flash, BBS removal

    I have searched all the threads, and am seeking additional advice. I sent my ECU in for a flash, at which point I removed my BBS also. Upon re-assembly of all the components, when I turned the ignition on, I noticed the fan come on, and when I push the start button, nothing happens at all...
  9. J

    ECU Reflash

    So many threads on ECU flashing, though unsure as to what I would need since most are a bit older, therefore apologies in advance of another one. With that, have a 2013 1199R that currently is set up to race. I had a Tuneboy map installed (runs just fine) and that's about it. Going in a...
  10. 750steve

    V4 ECU Flash for Akra Exhaust

    For anyone in the know or whoever may work at a dealership can you tell me how the ECU flash is done when you buy the Akra exhaust? I've heard it's on a USB drive, which i think isn't true & i've also heard it's done through the DDA dealer diagnostic machine which is more realistic to me...
  11. N

    Help....1199 abs ecu issues

    Help....1199 ecu issues Firstly... thanks for the welcome to the forum Could anyone help me ...i believe I have an issue with my ecu on a 2012 1199 abs question is...can I purchase a good second hand unit and just swap out the unit ...just a straight forward exchange....plug and...
  12. N

    1199 abs ecu issues

    1199 ecu issues Firstly... thanks for the welcome to the forum Could anyone help me ...i believe I have an issue with my ecu on a 2012 1199 abs question is...can I purchase a good second hand unit and just swap out the unit ...just a straight forward exchange....plug and play ..or...
  13. T

    Is the ECU synced/matched to the ignition key?

    Hi Guys, Can someone confirm whether the ECU is somehow synced with the Key switch/lock? I want to buy another ECU to play with but am worried that it won't work with the key lock that is already installed. Thanks.
  14. H

    Capped off plug by ecu?

    Does anybody know what this capped off plug is for?
  15. T

    1199 ECU versions

    Hi, can someone confirm whether the ECU for the 1199 base is the same as the 1199S? I'd like to buy another ECU as a spare. The part numbers appear to be the same in the spare parts manual but for some reason the part number ( doesn't even match the part number on the actual CPU on...
  16. Stephen6

    Has anyone tried Ecunleashed for an ECU flash?

    Has anyone tried Ecunleashed for an ECU flash? They offer a flash for $495. Fairly pricey, but worth it if it make my 1299 howl. I presently have a RapidBike Evo installed, which has done nothing for the bike for the last 1000 miles except make the bike feel like it's about to stall between 4000...
  17. S

    ECU Flash or Power Commander With AutoTune

    A while back, I ordered the power commander with autotune as I planned on upgrading the exhaust. I got the SC. Just wondering, should I use the autotune or find someone to flash the ECU to map it properly. I rode my friends 1000rr BMW and his bike has a lot more response especially in the...
  18. T

    Difference between US and Euro 1199 ecu?

    Hi, Does anyone know if the ecu are different between the US, EU, JP models? Could I install a US one in a JP 1199s? I am assuming that there is a difference between the 1199 base and 1199S models due to the suspension.
  19. O

    Two 1199s newbie tech ?'s; DTC and ECU swap

    I've been meaning to ask these questions for a few weeks now... 1. What is the actual algorithm used for the DTC on an 1199s? It seems to activate when I'm leaned over and get a bit throttle happy (which I expect and appreciate), but also when coming out of a turn fairly straight up applying...
  20. T

    Is there such a thing as a down map?

    Hi, Got a question concerning restoring an ecu to oem after installation of the Ducati upmap which comes with the termi slip on system. Is there such a thing as a down map and where can I get hold of it? I have a opportunity to get a termi slip on but the owner wants to restore their Ecu...