1. M

    Question regarding Superquadro engine

    Hi, I have a technical question regarding the design of the Ducati Superquadro engine and it goes like this: How is the crankshaft axial end play (float) controlled in these engines? I see no mentioning of thrust bearings or any way of checking/adjusting end play in the workshop manuals...
  2. C

    Recall 11/1299 engine vent

    https://advrider.com/ducati-recalls-certain-1199-and-1299-panigale-motorcycles/ Does anyone know about this? i got the recall now, but only for 1199r, not for 1299s. the flimsy tube is the same, so i don't understand why the 1299 should not be affected.
  3. L

    2010 Ducati 1198 engine replacement

    I had recently purchased a 2010 Ducati 1198 with 4000 miles. I had been writing it for only a month and my bottom connecting rod fell out while I was riding. Does anybody know if a 2008 Ducati 1098S Engine will bolt up to my bike?
  4. A

    Please help me better understand Engine Braking Control (EBC) system

    Hi folks, From all the setting on the bike I found EBC to be the hardest to understand and maybe to feel as well. Maybe to understand because at first, reading the manual, one can get easily confused between NO engine brake =/=EBC off. Clearly EBC level 3 is as close to no engine brake...
  5. C

    Help With Abomination. V4 Engine Build Info

    Help With Abomination. V4R Engine Build Info Hey Forum Members, I am hoping some of you could have some advise as I have not one clue about Ducati and their products. A lot of you are wondering why the title of the post. Well because I am currently exploring using the new Ducati Panigale V4R...
  6. T

    Engine light on and no quick shift available

    I've search forums and seems like I need to start with cleaning and Appling dielectric grease to the connectors and cleaning pins.. What connectors do I remove? I'm not sure exactly what to take apart in this picture? That's guys!!
  7. R


    What setting do must of you use? Every time I try HIGH, I have to go back to medium Power delivery is just to harsh on high for me
  8. amicus alba

    Anyone installed carbon engine covers from DESIGN CORSE??

    Good evening all. Has anyone had any experience or come across the actual instructions for fitting carbon fibre bulkhead / engine covers? I bought them from Designcorse shown below. https://www.designcorse.com/products/ducati-1199-1299-carbon-bulkhead-set-motocorse I've stripped the...
  9. A

    engine heat

    Hi guys, Can you do anything against heat? as soon as you are at the traffic light is too hot
  10. I

    Dropped my 696, cracked engine case..

    Yep, as the title says, dropped the bike, and cracked the casing right behind the kickstand mounting area. It was a 5mph fall, after a hard stop which happened to be on a slippery cross walk strip. Felt like ice under my front wheel, next thing I was on my side. Stood up, see oil on the floor...
  11. B

    1299 rear header changed. Smoke and engine light.

    Recently changed my rear header pipe on my 1299 the one that curls under the seat. The original one cracked at the engine. So I replaced it with a stock header pipe. Everything went very smooth. I turned on my bike and it shows a check engine light. Also after just a minute right at the pipe...
  12. K

    Right engine bracket

    Maybe its just me but this is the only ugly piece on the bike. Does anyone make a replacement for the ugly engine bracket on the right side?
  13. C

    Check engine light on and DQS icon blinking

    Recently last week when I am riding my Ducati chocked as if the fuel is empty and immediately check engine light turned on . I have turned off the engine and started again and check engine light went off Today when I am riding again , it did the same as if the engine is stopping while riding...
  14. Phl

    new 959 with V4 look, but still V2 engine spied

  15. F

    Electrical issues, bbs, can, check engine light. Problem found.

    I have been having issues with my 1199 since I bought it used with 7000 miles. I have put 500 miles on the bike, but it has been stressful. The electrical issues consisted of: BBS error Can error Pulsating dash Check engine light Gas light When starting the bike the starter will turn...
  16. J

    1299S engine speed limiter - depending on gear?

    I've got an expert question: At what engine speed does the engine speed limiter normally kicks in with the 1299S (MY 2015)? On my 1299S, in 3rd gear engine speed limiter gets in at about 11,000 rpm, all red lights are on before. But the red area on the rev counter only starts at 11,500 rpm...
  17. R

    Engine brake

    Sorry to ask Trying to understand the settings What I want to accomplish is: While braking and downshift, I want the rear tire to brake the most posible, to help slow the bike down What is the best setting for this? ENGINE BRAKE 1 ENGINE BRAKE 2 Or 3? Or am I...
  18. C

    Ducati Monster 797 Engine switches off (aftermarket Exhaust)

    Good Afternoon, My name is Alec i'm from New Zealand, Never Rode an Ducati before but brought an Ducati Monster 797 and is hella in love with it.. but i am facing an small issue, i have installed an Aftermarket Exhaust Akrapovic Exhaust, when i take out the baffle and go for a ride, some...
  19. J

    High engine temp with Akrapovic system

    So I just had the full Akra system with the rapid bike fuel controller installed. I've noticed that the bike is running much much hotter than it was before (and this bike already runs unbelievably hot). Any reason for this? The heat the pipes are giving off around the legs/feet is making this...
  20. SJS

    Which engine mode do you use most?

    I'm not interested in track settings, but on the street, highway... Dynamic? Smooth? or low power / Dynamic / Smooth? And why? I have been torn... on the highway, I like Dynamic, but on the streets (especially rough roads) I find it to lurchy..