1. E

    HELP: Engine shut down at high speed

    Dear gentlemen, I was riding on my bike Panigale 1299S 2016 (only 5.600km) and when I get 299 suddenly my engine literally shut down... looking a video when I reached speed of 299km/h the panel decreased to 287 then trips the engine. No strange sounds, oil leakage or any other "bad signal"...
  2. C

    Lots of errors

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like what I did today. I know some of you have had the DQS err show up and with a quick power off and restart it corrected the problem. Today I went for a relatively short ride since it's not real warm yet. On my way home...
  3. D

    Dunlop slicks causing TC errors?

    I've been chasing ghosts with my electronics. I get multiple errors for DES, IMU and SMU. I've checked everything and have the IMU mounted as stock. Still getting errors on dash, but bike seems to run fine. I thought I read someone say they had problems with the electronics when running the...
  4. J

    Random Errors when Cold

    So maybe every 1 cold start in 10, my bike will show random errors on the dash. By cold start I mean the coolant temp will show as "LOW". The ones i often see are BBS, CAN Line, ABS. But they quickly disappear and don't reappear until the next unlucky cold start. Bike is fine otherwise and...
  5. chillo

    Inertia sensor errors when wheelying!

    Has anyone had any electriconics errors when wheelying the 1299s? Specifically when wheelying at reasonably high speeds! I have been getting this a bit recently, it's normally occurring in 4th or 5th in the 120-140 range. (normally bring it up in 2nd or 3rd and go through the box) I get...
  6. Thamer

    DES errors?

    Just spoke to Kyle Racing in Cali. They said just upgrading the rear to manual will not throw an Error code on the dash. Apparently only the front will.Sounds like BS to me. Does that sound right to anyone that has done it? If it is true, then Mupo here I come. Thanks.
  7. D

    stop light / engine dash errors with race fairings

    Can someone post a picture or tell me where the front brake lever sensor runs on the right side of the bike? I found the rear brake sensor switch. I swapped over to race fairings and the stop light errors display on the dash which I understand. What I also don't get is why I get the ENGINE...