1. C

    For Sale FS: Rapid Bike Evo for 1299

    SOLD Rapid Bike Evo for 1299 For sale. My Ducati 1299 Rapid Bike Evo. Asking $300 shipped. You can send it back to Rapid Bike and have them reprogram it for free if you have a 1199 or any other Ducati. Or have Rapid Bike reprogram it for any bike you have for free. If Im not mistaken the...
  2. C

    For Sale FS: Rapid Bike Evo

    FS: Rapid Bike Evo and price drop For sale 2 week old Rapid Bike Evo. Asking $425 shipped. Price dropped from $465 Retails for $610 shipped. Its for a 2009-18 BMW S1000RR. But I would ship it back to Yaman at Rapid Bike to have it reprogrammed to a S1000R years 2014-19. I emailed back and...
  3. D

    Evo Tech crash bobbins

    Evo Tech crash bobbins saved my bike :eek:before and after pics of my Hyper 950 2019, 120kph slide on the right side, bobbins took most of the damage saving the bike from being totaled.
  4. G

    For Sale Speed Evo C1 - perforated Leather jacket size 48

    Selling my Jacket- no longer have the bike. Jacket is perforated. size 48. https://www.ducati.com/us/en/apparel/APP001538 Jacket retails for $600. Selling for $450. Pics below:
  5. 0

    New evo 2 software

    Is anybody aware of the issue of the new software EVO 2, mostly related to the track users? Better/quicker gear shifts Smoother anti-wheeling Rain maps etc? It is std on all V4R I have inquired Ducati if it is possible to install it in my 2019 V4 base. Anybody tried it?
  6. S

    For Sale 2012 848 Evo Dark Stealth

    Selling my 2012 Ducati 848 Evo. I am the original owner and purchased it from Ducati of Metuchen, NJ. It currently has a little over 12,000 miles (still actively ride it). All major services have been done - all fluids, belts, etc., including valves at 10,000 miles. Modifications include the...
  7. R

    Ducati traction & DQS EVO 2

    Has anyone installed it on their bike? Hope it fixes the BIG CUT OF POWER ON UPSHIFTS just worried if there is any problem if I have the termi map on? Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
  8. F

    Has anyone put in her 1299 the update DTC Evo performance?

    The reference is 96580151A Update the 1299 Panigale software to: - DTC EVO - DWC EVO And add Spin On demand Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
  9. N

    For Sale Akrapovic full EVO Titanium exhaust 1299 S

    Selling my one month old Akrapovic full EVO Titanium exhaust. It doesn't even have 800Km or 500 miles on it. This thing hasn't even finished turning blue. It was on my 1299. Don't think I need to tell anyone details on it. Comes with DB killers, but one of them the tip got bent as I could not...
  10. C

    899 Akrapovic EVO full exhuast upmap - help needed!

    Hi, I've had it fitted and running ok without an upmap, but have read that the 899 did not have an EVO map and could not benefit from a full system without a tune or RapidBike. I'm based near London, UK. What is the best option for me in terms of getting the most out of this full exhaust...
  11. Calderara di Reno

    For Sale FM Projects Evo 6 Forward exit exhaust

    SOLD thanks for enquiries FM Projects Evo 6 Forward exit exhaust SOLD SOLD$1200 AUS . Purchased directly from Italy , cost $AUS4000.00 + postage , these make good horsepower . I registered 193 rwhp with RapidBike tuner https://imgur.com/a/y9XBobM
  12. N

    For Sale 2011 Ducati 848 EVO

    2011 Ducati 848 EVO Dark. Has a ton of rare and discontinued parts on the bike. Low miles. Asking $10K. Located in Seattle, WA
  13. bigdzx6r

    For Sale SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock Evo Micro Tank Bag

    Bought the bag and tank adapter kit for 190ish and used it once and didn't like it cuz my chest kept hitting it when i have to switch from side to side. it has been kept in the house and taking up space. some one buy it and put it to good use ($150 shipped)
  14. J

    CNC Racing RPS GP Evo Rearsets

    Anybody installed these? I've got the rearsets themselves assembled, but I'm curious whether others removed the shift rod entirely due to clearance issues and attached it to the rearset and then reattached it to the bike. I heard this can cause the quickshifter to error from two different...
  15. Stephen6

    RapidBike Evo and Tuneboy: My Experience with Both

    I have a 2016 1299 standard with Arrow cat eliminator exhaust. I had RapidBike Evo installed about 4000 miles ago. After having RB installed, I experienced a power cut-out at around 4500 rpm, almost like the bike was about to die. I also can't say I noticed any power increase. I hooked my...
  16. M

    SALE: DAINESE Delta Pro Evo C2 Perforated Pants, $419

    Discontinued for 2016-2017 season. Limited selection DAINESE Delta Pro Evo C2 Perforated Pants $529.95 Sale: $419.96 * FREE SHIPPING FREE Shipping FREE re-ship for size exchange Composite protectors certified to EN 1621.1/97 Standard Pro Shape soft protectors certified to...
  17. G

    New $621 IMU? Related to DTC EVO Software Upgrade?

    Here is a question for sound advice from people with knowledge and/or good (Ducati) connections... As I am rebuilding the wrecked bike I bought from a salvage auction, I found an unexpected surprise. The IMU was missing! Either my bike's IMU got dropped/lost when the bike suffered a major...
  18. R

    1199 SL DTC/DWC (EVO), It´s posible?

    Hi, I have a doubt. It´s posible install the DP upgrade for DTC & DWC (EVO) in the 1199 SL? In negative case, It´s posible install a ECU of 15/16 pani R plug & play without problems?
  19. B

    DTC EVO Upgrade for '15 and '16 1299 bikes

    Hi All, Looks like Ducati is making the DTC EVO upgrade available to earlier bikes http://http://www.motorcyclenews.com/news/2017/july/ducati-1299-panigale-dtc-evo-upgrade/ Bit pricey for a software upgrade though :eek: Ben
  20. youngR

    Kramer EVO 2 Race Bike?

    What you guys think about this bike? Kramer EVO2 Race Bike Review | Motorcyclist