1. E

    Oil Cooler Gasket

    Hello All, I had to replace my oil cooler gasket and the updated part number 78811191B eliminated a notch on the gasket that fits into the notch on the bottom hole of the oil cooler holes on the engine. The gasket failed and ripped where the notch on the engine is since there is nothing...
  2. A

    Head Gasket blown

    So I didn't get off to a good start with my Panigale. The bike has 2200km on the clock and last Saturday had what seemed to be a coolant blowout. The dealer came to collect the bike and informed me that the head gasket blew. A bit concerning considering that the bike wasn't running hot at any...
  3. D

    Seepage from rear valve cover gasket. Thoughts?

    Change it out or keep an eye on it?
  4. zx7md

    Head pipe... Gasket issues?

    Hey guys, please take a look. The dealer said is a normal gasket burn. What do u think?
  5. LDucati 1199S

    Problems with brakes and valve gasket

    So I recently attended a track day at PBIR this weekend and a couple of issues came up. First I blew my valve cover gasket a second time. Luckily it happened at the last session of the day. Second at 7K miles I ended up warping and glazing my rotors. Third and finally I realized I really need a...