1. C

    MCN Shootout - V4S, RSV4 1100, S1000RR M

  2. S

    Journalist test starting to come in from the V4 R..This one from MCN.

    Lots of journalist in Jerez the last few days testing the new 4V R..Thought some of you might enjoy this!! Hopefully all the reviews from the test will start hitting the web over the next few days...This just makes me want April to come sooner, cant wait to start race season again in the...
  3. B

    MCN V4S fitted with BST Rapid Teks

    MCN have just fitted their long term V4S.
  4. B

    MCN Long Term V4S Review

    It looks like MCN are running a V4S as part of their long term test fleet. Here's the latest review:
  5. Whoopazz

    MCN puts the V4 on a dyno!

    Im sure these will be breaking the 200hp mark! zZuZGtdVWwo
  6. Phl

    1299 SL live launch Mugello - MCN
  7. Phl

    2017 MCN comparo
  8. ScrapperX

    MCN 2017 Superbike shootout

    SJFszDt8ouo Really
  9. H

    Anyone see this week's MCN superbike shootout?

    The Fireblade SP pipped the 1299s (last year's winner). From what I read, the article seemed like fair comment on the whole. My takeaway for the new V4 Duke that's coming ... please, please Ducati, make the new V4 lighter, not more powerful. Its all about handling and useability not...
  10. B

    1299SL - pics on MCN today

    Some more pics of the 1299SL posted on MCN today MILAN SHOW: Ducati 1299 Superleggera ? excess all areas | MCN
  11. Whoopazz

    MCN Video review is up 2016 shootout

    Wasn't sure if I should put it in the other thread, or let the mods merge them. Anyways here it is.
  12. S

    MCN 2016 Superbike of the Year - And the winner is....

    My 1299S purchase is now well justified :D
  13. Ljuice26

    MCN Ducati 1299 Panigale: First Ride
  14. R

    899 wins MCN's 2014 Middleweight Sports bike

    899 wins MCN's 2014 Middleweight Sports bike MCN Award winner: Ducati 899 Panigale | MCN It's such a well rounded bike, I'm very tempted to chop the 1199R in for one.
  15. Claymore

    Superleggera Review and Ride by MCN

    If it has already been posted shoot me, but here is a quick review and ride of the SL by MCN. :cool:
  16. mark419ny

    anyone see the mcn 916 article

    New MCN January 2: Ducati 916 20th Anniversary Celebration - General News | Motorcycle News | Bike News | Motorbike Videos | MCN
  17. topolino

    MCN 916 Strip Down & Rebuild

    MCN 916 Strip Down & Rebuild - Link Added OK it's not a Panigale, but the video is quite good. Whole strip down and rebuild in 6 mins Ducati 916 SP strip and rebuild | Focus | - YouTube
  18. kope999R

    MCN : 899 best sportsbike out there ! just what i expected ! less is more... :)
  19. C

    MCN out today - puts R ahead of competition

    Apologies but unable to scan/upload but in a 4-way shootout with the HP4, RSV and MV, 1199r comes top, although it was set up by the factory. Finally collecting mine may 11th with some choice goodies being fitted as we speak.
  20. D

    MCN stated 1199R doesnt feel different enough

    "As a piece of exotica, it's worth every penny, if you're lucky enough to have the cash - it's beautiful, exciting and involving. The chassis and engine mods will be a must for top teams in superbike and superstock, too, but the R doesn't feel different enough to warrant trading up from your...