1. VAST

    To All the Texan members in Hurricane Harvey's path

    I hope you and your families are all safe and that your Pani's are (relatively) dry. Please let us know who you're faring out there. Best, V.
  2. Gunny Fitz

    A Wish To ALL My 1199 Members !!!!

    A Wish To "ALL FORUM" Members Now---!!!! Just went in and did some editing to wish ALL members a Very Safe and Happy New Year! Truly didn't mean to alienate the rest of my fellow Members with my Christmas wish below (To the 1199 Folks) It was just that when this Forum was first created by Duc -...

    Any members near Millville, MA?

    I need a huge favor. I'm looking at a bike that's located in Millville, Mass. The likelihood of a member being close I know is slim but I thought I'd try. Please contact me if you in the area. I need to have someone look at a bike for me, and give me there thoughts. I'll pay you for you...
  4. Gunny Fitz

    USA / East Coast NEW: Meet Up For VA, DC, MD Members!

    As promised here is the new thread for these states and the members who reside within them. It wont be this weekend, due to VIP attendance at the final AMA Race Event of the 2013 year at the New Jersey Motorsports Park! (Btw anyone going?) As stated Captain CF and I will put our feeble minds...
  5. Gunny Fitz

    Bellissimoto & Forum Members

    Greetings to the Membership! As Randy announced a few weeks ago I am now working part time as a Sales Rep for Bellissimoto. My trip to the shop was great as I was able to see how their system works, put hands on some of the really trick gear they have, and meet some other forum members as...
  6. youngR

    Any other Members here on other forums?

    I know everyone is on other forums but any on Harley Forum particularly? I have to say, (being a HD owner myself) these guys are horrible. If you seriously say anything that does not start with Harley, they bash you and attack you. I know some people can be loyal to one particular brand, but...
  7. Gunny Fitz

    To All New Members

    Been seeing a ton of new blood on here lately with anywhere between 1 and 20 posts from all over the US and OCONUS too. Just wanted to welcome you all and say I appreciate all that you are bringing to the site here! :D Tons of experience and knowledge located herein so always feel free to hit...
  8. L

    Members ride out vids

    I though I would start a new thread dedicated to members ride out vids. Here is the first of a ride out just after the first service if positive feed back I will post the next. It is HQ and took 11 hours to upload on YouTube Enjoy...I hope