1. T

    New Billet Tail tidy and Mirror block offs with integrated turn signals

    HI everyone just wanted to share some parts I've been developing for the V4 looks like they will be released to sell around the first week of June This is my Machined billet tail tidy Prototype with integrated turn signals. Still in raw aluminum. They will be available in an anodized black...
  2. Johnnyflies

    Ducati v4 mirror block offs

    I've had difficulty getting mirror block offs for v4s so fabricating some from billet aluminium if anyone is interested. Pics will follow over next few days Billet with smooth satin visible surface. Will fit over the original rubber mirror mount rubber. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. R

    Want To Buy 959/1299 Mirror Block offs and DP seat

    found what i needed
  4. J

    anniversary block offs question

    hey guys, can anyone post a picture of the rear license plate block off plate they got with their anniversario? My bike didn't come with the mirror block offs and the rear plate block off, so my dealer did a warranty claim and got me the two parts , mirror block off look good but the rear...
  5. M

    For Sale 1299 Mirror Block offs 1299 and Panigale R

    was browsing ebay and come acrossed this just now. figure $89 is a good deal for someone. I don't own a 1299 or I would buy them. Authentic Ducati 1299 Panigale Mirror Block Off Plates | eBay
  6. V

    For Sale 1199 mirror block offs BNIB $125 shipped

    bought these not realizing they wouldn't work on the 1299 never out of the plastic bag $125 shipped
  7. Blade Runner

    Mirror Block offs other than DP for 1299?

    Does anyone make a mirror block plate other than ducati performance for a 1299? Thank you!
  8. M

    USED: Ducati 1199 forks (Take offs)

    USED Ducati 1199 forks (Take offs) $499.95 Includes shipping in the USA These forks are perfect. They were removed from a brand new Panigale. Straight, never down forks. Perfect for a custom project or replacing your bad forks. Fits 57mm top and 58mm bottom triples. *...
  9. T

    Want To Buy Mirror Block Offs - Turn Signals - Mirrors

    Hey Ducati Fam! I'm looking to purchase some black mirror block offs for my '12 Pani S. I am also trying to acquire the Oberon bar end turn signals, and some Driven Racing bar end mirrors, also preferably in black. If anyone is selling, or sees a great deal feel free to gimme a shout...
  10. Sprinkles

    NRC Mirror Block Offs

    NRC Mirror Block Offs for 1299 Ducati 1299 Panigale Mirror Block Off Front Turn Signals Is nice. I like.
  11. Mogo116

    For Sale Take offs / Left overs

    Stock exhaust $125 OEM foot pegs $40 Black foot pegs $25 OEM Clutch lever $40 OEM Windscreen $30 OEM Brake/Clutch reserves $25 Ducabike Spring Retainer Gold $60 License plate holder with light $25 Termi Silencers - $50 Stock Bar ends 1 has a few light scratches the other is perfect...
  12. Mogo116

    For Sale Some aftermarket some stock takes offs plus termi silencers and odds and ends

    hey guys, Picked up a great deal on a termignoni slip on and part of the deal was a bunch of freebies I don't need. Everything will be sold for b/o plus shipping and PayPal fees. Thanks for looking! Not sure what any of it is worth so best offers accepted. Superlite rear sprocket 38 tooth...
  13. Tyler1199

    Lux mirror block offs

    When was the last time someone bought a pair? Their website shows out of stock. I am running into this a lot on the pani lol. Plan on doing CRG arrows but don't want to before I have turn signals